Friday 18 July 2014

Friday Frights Review ~ Ashes to Ashes (EiT 8) by Karina Halle

Reviewed by Willow ~ 4.5 Stars

So the other day I was reading through some of my EiT reviews and I realised that I never actually posted a review for Ashes to Ashes! So here it is for our Friday Frights, and believe me its certainly has some Frights in it!

"We're going back to the beginning, baby" he said, wagging his brows. "Only there's no lighthouse this time. As shit-your-pants scary as that Old Roddy fucker was, we've got a school of dead children. But we can handle it. And if we can't, well that's what Jack Daniels is for"

Dex, Perry and the new addition to the team, Rebecca head back to the Oregon Coast, but this time to a School, which used to be a hospital for children with TB. Yep that's right - a school filled with ghost children! I knew this one was going to give Dead Sky Morning a run for it's money, up to this point I thought that was the scariest EiT book, but this one is definitely on par!

You know it doesn't bode well for Perry when Pippa turns up giving her some cryptic messages and warning her not to go, but although Perry is concerned about the warnings, that doesn't stop her!

Once at the School, they meet the teachers and children and get given a tour with the history of the building and what happened back when it was a hospital.

"The skin on the back of my neck puckered. Just great. Not only did we have the potential ghosts of kids who died from TB but also their nurses who went crazy and killed themselves"

The children tell Dex and Perry about some of their "friends", including a little boy who likes to throw a ball down the hall and Shawna who seems to want attention, especially Perry's.

Make no mistake, this is a scary book, the school is complete with a morgue and a body shoot and with balls rolling down the hall, doors mysteriously being closed behind the team and faces at windows, you will be suitably frightened and I haven't even told you about Shawna's "pet" yet, who is known as the bad thing and has a thirst for Perry. In fact I started writing this review late at night whilst in my house alone, but had to stop, because just thinking about the book brought back the creepy feelings!  

You do get respite from this creepiness though, as once again Dex is there with his witty and funny lines and also a bit of romance for Perry. Things are not plain sailing for the two though and there is some bumps in the road for them and some moments where my heart felt like it was dying!

OMG the ending......... but you have to read the book to find out what happens there!

Another amazing book from Karina that is just as creepy as Dead Sky Morning. It has everything you could possibly want from an EiT book and the ending leaves you wanting more.

"I was speechless. Speachless and scared absolutely shitless, sitting here on a picnic table in a sunny fucking meadow"

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