Saturday 26 July 2014

Review ~ Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain 3) by Kristen Ashley

Reviewed by Willow ~ 4 Stars

I'm going to start off by saying this was my least favourite Colorado Mountain book, but that's not a negative, I just found The Gamble & Sweet Dreams had an edge to them that I felt this one didn't.

I found the beginning really interesting. Initially told from Lexie's POV, she is sent to pick up a guy from prison and take him where he needs to go. You see this is a favour for an acquaintance who just doesn't say no, so she agrees to this favour get him off her back for a while. The guy she has to pick up? Ty Walker - a man with little words.

I really struggled with Ty at first, he really doesn't say a lot, a few one word answers or commands here and there. I guess I just didn't get him. I was worried that I would feel like this for the duration of the book, but the mystery of why Ty was in prison and why Lexie was caught up doing her acquaintance's bidding kept me reading on.  

What I loved about this book was that, unlike the previous two Colorado Mountain books I'd read, this one is told in alternative POV, which you really need so you can understand Ty much better. I found his parts made it a lot easier for me to connect to him and soon I was loving every part of this book.

Lexie's acquaintance owes Ty and Ty is cashing in, He needs a woman to marry and go back with him to his home whilst he works on his revenge plan for the people who were responsible for getting him sent to prison. The woman he's sent is Lexie. It becomes clear to Ty that Lexie isn't aware of the whole story of why she has been sent to him. Ty lays a deal on the table for Lexie, marry him whilst he gets his shit done, then she can go on her merry way. In return, she gets cash, jewellery but most importantly protection from her acquaintance and a way to escape a life that she's been trying to get away from.

We get to see Ty and Lexie's relationship develop and they start to become a "real" couple. Lexie's back story is revealed and we get to meet some of her family/friends. Back in Ty's home in Carnal, he is intent on getting revenge, but he's up against not only criminals but dirty cops and we start to learn why and by who Ty was set up.

I have to say that whilst the first part of the book was interesting and engaging, I kind of lost my way half way through, it didn't feel like a lot was happening and I ended up putting it down to go off and read other books, though I kept dipping in and out of it.  Eventually it picked up for me again and towards the end, it felt like everything was happening and I couldn't put it down.

Ty and Lexie do have a bumpy road, there are highs and lows. My heart broke for Lexie on more than one occasion. I totally loved Lexie, she's probably my favourite Mountain lady. She was so understanding and open and was willing to put herself out there, she seemed sweet and unsure at times, but other times, she was "throwing sass" and being super "goofy"

You have the added bonus of this being mainly set in Carnal so all the favourites were there, with Tate & Laurie, Krystal, Maggie, Deke, Jim Billy and more plus mentions of Max and Nina and Shambles cakes! (which the descriptions always make me so hungry!)

Although I lost my way half way through, this was still another good read from Kristen, and I know that for some people Ty is their favourite so this book is definitely worth a read!   

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