Wednesday 16 July 2014

Review ~ Puddle Jumping by Amber L Johnson

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 breath taking stars!!!

“It begins with a boy. It begins with a boy and it ends with a boy, but what story doesn’t?”

This short story may be little, but this is one huge story that packs one hell of an emotional punch. I was totally and utterly captivated from start to finish, I couldn’t put it down, and I didn’t want to put it down. The author literally, through words had wrapped their hands around my heart and had a vice like grip until I had reached the end. Seriously, seriously such a fantastic piece of writing. It is hard I feel for an author to get that emotion and “feels” across in a short story, the writing needs to be flawless for this to happen and I was astounded as to how much an effect this book had on my emotional well-being.

“It’s a true story of a girl falling for a boy. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

This is the story of Lily and Colton, they first met at the tender age of ten, they became instant friends which was not an easy thing for Colton seeing as he suffered with Asperger’s. It soon became apparent to Colton’s mom that perhaps this friendship was not conducive to Colton’s therapy and she decided to separate them. Neither have forgotten about the other. One day their paths cross again, destiny brought them back together, now it is up to the two of them to work this out between themselves.

“I think sometimes we’re presented with the truth but we don’t want to believe it. We see things the way we want to see them. Sometimes we choose to live in denial.”

Colton literally stole my heart, he was 17, he was awkward, socially inept, but what he lacked in etiquette he made up for in heart. He was a beautiful character, yes he had his flaws, but he was striving to get better, he wanted to be a better person, he wanted to convey his thoughts and feelings properly without upset. He was gifted; he was an artist, super talented but was struggling to take it any further because he lacked that confidence in social situations. The author did a brilliant job bringing to the forefront the struggles that sufferers of Asperger’s have to contend with. It is not a woe is me book, but a carefully thought out story that dealt with this condition so sensitively that you totally grasped his limitations and the daily battles that he had to contend with.

Lily had a huge heart, she was one of the few people that saw Colton for who he was, not the guy with Asperger’s. Her character was endearing and loveable, her patience unwavering, she knew what to do and when, she brought out the best in him.

This is their love story, a story that brings hope to the parents of those children that suffer with Asperger’s, it is profound, it is beautiful, it is emotional, it is powerful, it is just perfect. 

“What I’d like to really stress about this is when you love someone, their differences fall away. I don’t look at him and see anything but him, and how sweet he is. I know how my stomach erupts in excitement when he simply holds my hand. How my heart reacts when we kiss. I know, above anything else, that when we’re together, it’s because we both want it. Not because of any other reason…words he’s been branded with could never describe him. He’s not special. He’s extraordinary. To me. And I feel like I am, too, when I’m with him.”

This is one book for sure that I will be reading again and again and again. As I said above it certainly packs a punch but it also packs a powerful message. Society is a funny beast and this story is totally about acceptance and if this book manages to enlighten just one person then the author has done an amazing job. I have no qualms about it, you cannot help but be moved and you cannot help but understand, see things in a different light. You can tell that this book comes from the heart, this person has experience, it is a personal journey or at least a relation, if not then they have certainly done their research and written it with such heart that it is totally convincing. A magical story that will stay with me for a very long time. Kudos to the author, total perfection!

“I don’t believe there’s such a thing as conventional love. Love is bending. Love is breaking. Love is constantly learning about the other person until you go crazy because it will never be perfect, but there’s no fault in trying.”

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