Sunday 10 August 2014

Review ~ Rogue (Real #4) by Katy Evans

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

 “I’m living for two people. I’m trying to stuff into one lifetime what could fill two lives. So I get up every morning and put on my perfect face and promise myself to have the perfect day and to someday have the perfect family. But I’m failing.”

It was with great trepidation that I went into this book. It is no secret that I am a huge Katy Evans fan; I mean how could I not be after she gave me Remy! Remy is a resident on my BBF list and has been since the beginning, he was a character that I fell in love with and hold dear to my heart and one that I will never ever forget. So you can imagine my dilemma…I love Remy…surely Katy cannot do it again?

Enter Greyson King…another entry on the BBF list…right behind Remy. Yep she did it…these two are by no means similar, but Katy has managed to infiltrate my heart with another one of her characters, he really is that goody guy/bad boy, but the good far outweighs the bad and it is his fight to remain good that makes him even more lovable. I adored Greyson and if you haven’t done so already, you need to meet him!! Greyson, Greyson, Greyson, what can I say about him…he is dark, he is deadly, he is demanding, he is dominant but he is dreamy. He is a ten!!

“He’s a ten. I’ve never, ever been with a ten. And the way that he looks at me . . . I’ve seen that look before. The look that Remington Tate gives Brooke. That look. He’s giving it to me and I’m dying inside. Can I die from one look? And if one look can kill me, then what would one touch do?”

Melanie is one of Brooke’s best friends, in this book we get to understand her a whole lot more. She was one of those characters that I never really bonded with in Remy’s story but in this story you cannot help but fall in love with her. Once you get to understand the real “Melanie” you understand a whole lot more. Melanie is a fake, she comes across as that bubbly person that has the world at her feet and a life worth living, but nothing can be further from the truth. She sees herself as a let-down, especially to her family. She was given a gift, a gift that she feels she has never been able to live up to, a gift that she was never worthy of, but one that she was given anyway. She has so much pressure on her to be perfect, but it is a pressure that she feels she is failing at miserably. Her parents want to see her settled down, happily married, with 2.4 kids, trouble is, and she cannot even find a boyfriend that she can stick with. She envies what Remy and Brooke have, she wants that for herself, she has seen their relationship, the looks, the love and she wants that for herself, why settle, she believes in fairy tales and now she wants her happily ever after. One thing that Melanie does not consider, is you cannot help who you fall in love with, is Greyson King the man for her? Or is he just another one in the long line of dating disasters?

“I’m going to be everything you never wanted,”
“nothing that you need.”
“Sometimes my work will take me away, and I won’t call, and I’ll piss you off.”
“I’ll be selfish . I’ll take everything I want, whenever I want it. I’m not the man of your dreams, Melanie, I’m your worst nightmare.”

Sounds promising? Well, Greyson has secrets, but then so does Melanie, trouble is Melanie does not realise that her secrets are not so secret…is there more than meets the eye with Greyson? What exactly is he hiding? What is his connection? 

Greyson is the heir to “The Underground,” he is dragged out of retirement by his father, he is their enforcer, their collector, their Zero and before his father can pass the reins over to Greyson, he needs all 48 debts called in. Greyson collects by any means necessary, he is stealthy, he is in and out, clean and quick. He gets the job done. He does not like the way his father operates, hence his retirement, he does not want The Underground but it soon becomes apparent he has no option. But this is his time to turn things around, make The Underground legit, he could if he had the right motivation…what more motivation does he need other than debt number 5? 

“Because there’s no one as clean as you. Not even the fighters know who you are. Zero trace. You’re in, you’re out, no casualties, and a hundred percent success rate.”

I am not going to say any more about the story line, it needs to be read and you need to experience it for yourself. The chemistry and intensity that these two characters share is mind-blowing. From when they first met you felt it, it is palpable, it radiates off the page and hits you, pure lust, pure hunger, pure desperation, they need each other like you need air to breathe, it was primal. Their connection at times was overpowering, I felt it deep, and I couldn’t help the emotions. These two are both vulnerable in their own rights and even though their coupling at times was rough and desperate, Katy managed to show you those small slivers of love and it is those small slivers that makes you want to fight for them, will them on. But how can a relationship that has been built on lies and omissions survive?

I have to say that the growth in Katy’s writing is so apparent in this book, with this book Katy slowly but surely layers her characters, with depth, with passion and with emotion. It is this layering that endears you to them and by the time you come to the crux of the story you are in so deep, you couldn’t escape if you tried. The writing was flawless and once again captivating; from the first to last word I was lost, lost in The Underground, lost in Melanie and lost in Greyson. I lived and breathed this story, every thought, emotion, act, I was there and I really didn’t want it to end. As much as it pains me to say it, I never thought that Katy could top Real, I love that book, but for the sheer brilliance of this book I have to say that she may have just surpassed the unsurpassable in my eyes and that is no mean feat.

“Always you, just you. You may be zero in your world . . . but you’re everything to me.”

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