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Today, on their #Route69 Trip, The Hot Bed are featuring Abbi Glines and her Rosemary Beach Series and have an exclusive from Abbi! Don't forget to check that out www.thehotbed.tumblr.com
We are going to share with you a few Rosemary Beach reviews we did. First here's the Rosemary beach reading order!
#1 Fallen Too Far (Rush Finlay)
#2 Never Too Far (Rush Finlay)
#3 Twisted Perfection (Woods Kerrington)
#4 Forever Too Far (Rush Finlay)
#5 Simple Perfection (Woods Kerrington)
#6 Take A Chance (Grant Carter) 
#7 One More Chance (Grant Carter) ~ due for release September 2014
Twisted Perfection (Rosemary Beach 3)
Written 24th April 2013
Reviewed by Donna 4.5 Stars

Abbi Glines does it again however this had the added bit of HOT SMOKING chemistry and attraction.
Della is on a road trip to find herself, her best friend has just got married, gives her the car and tells her to go and find herself!! Della was a prisoner in her own home, her brother died her mum went loopy and kept her in the house, she was home schooled by her mother and was extremely lonely she knew no-one. When she hit her teens she started to brave her mothers dominance and used to sneak out of the house at night, even if it was just to breathe in the air and touch the grass, this is where she met her best friend Braden. She was her next door neighbour and wondered what went on at the house, she thought they were vampires!! After meeting a few times at night Braden gets Della out and about a bit more and eventually persuades her to go out to a party. However, when they return Della’s mother has committed suicide. After initially being arrested for her death, once her alibi checks out she is released and Braden’s family take her in and that is when their friendship becomes unbreakable. Even Braden’s husband knew that when he married Braden, he also got Della, they came as a package. The love that they both have for Della was beautiful and I for one would love a best friend like Braden.
On this road trip Della runs out of petrol, she coasts into a petrol station and then realises that she does not know how to put gas in the tank..she is there struggling and then along comes her knight in shining armour“Woods Kerrington”…I loved Woods in Rush’s story and he doesn’t disappoint in this book either..he does have a shaky moment until he finds his balls, but I forgave him, just a little bit!!
They have their night of fun after the gas station incident and Woods leaves her to carry on her road trip, however, their paths cross again four months later..is this destiny???
The chemistry that these two have is amazeballs, you can feel it oozing off the page and I had to think twice…is this Abbi Glines??? Giving us smoking hot passion and sex in a book??? Abbi did it really well, who knew that Woods had it in him?? There was me thinking he was this cutesy man, work-a-holic, Ivy league jock and he is actually seriously hot!!! He has alpha male tendencies and a filthy mouth that made me blush on more than one occasion!! But he also had his caring side and one that he needed constantly with Della.
Della suffers with panic attacks and night terrors..she does not think that she can be loved because of them and that people with think that she is crazy. She thinks that she will end up as crazy as her mother and does not really want to have children as she feels that she will pass the crazy gene on. Woods witnesses one of her panic attacks and it only makes him want to protect her more.
Tripp has been looking out for Della and pulls Woods aside to find out what his intentions are, when Woods admits that he is in it for the long haul Tripp asks him to come one night once Della is asleep so he can witness first hand the night terrors that she has every night…this scene was amazingly beautiful…I cried happy tears and sad tears all in one go!
As usual the course of true love never runs smooth and as I said earlier Woods does make some stupid decisions based on peer pressure from his parents, but he soon sees the light..but is it too late?? Will his parents let him live the life he craves or will they ruin it all???
The ending!!!! Wow, although it was a little cliffie it wasn’t one that had me screaming as Woods and Della were back on track..but am I wrong in thinking that it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person??? I think I am, but hey I can live with it….I just hope that this latest development does not hinder Woods and Della’s relationship as guilt can eat you away.
Forever Too Far (Rosemary Beach 4)
Written 3rd July 2013
Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

There is no doubt that this was the perfect ending to a brilliant series, however I couldn’t give it the five stars I wanted to because I was so upset that the show was more or less stolen by Nan. I appreciate that she is an integral part to Rush’s life but she was really way too much in this book, to the point of complete irritation. But Rush and Blaire, now that is a totally different story.

My favourite bit of the whole book has to be Blaire’s something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…..if you did not love Rush Finlay before then you would certainly love him after, that was the most heart warming, romantic thing I have ever read in a book and it made me cry big fat happy tears!!

Rush was perfection in this book, he doted on Blaire and the baby and to see a man react that way, you can’t help but love him….sod the testosterone, he let his feelings out, put himself out there in a big way and it was lovely to read. Blaire was brilliant in this book, she was a lot more understanding than I would have been with regards to Rush and Nan but then again everyone has their limits. At one point I thought it was all going to go tits up and Rush was nowhere to be found..obviously with Nan AGAIN!!! I am glad that she rekindled her relationship with her dad and found out some other family secrets, at least she has some family now to go with her own.

Also found new respect for Rush’s dad, the way he doted on Blaire whilst pregnant and then after with his grandchild was endearing…I could just imagine a hard living, rock star being brought to his knees by a baby.

Nan, well what can I say….despite what she may or may not believe she has been through her attitude is UNBELIEVABLE…I mean, spoilt, rich, diva, ungrateful, selfish, evil in general just a complete and utter BITCH!! I could have quite easily murdered her….seriously Abbi, please do not write a book about her, you have managed to create the worlds most loathsome female ever (no mean feat) and every time her name appears on the page I cringe…just waiting for the next feel sorry for me line to come up and there are quite a few in this book. How she dare even come between Rush and Blaire is just….arggggghhhhh GO AWAY NAN, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME…P OFF AND CRAWL UNDER THE ROCK YOU DESERVE TO BE UNDER PLEASE!!! I know it sounds over the top but I am sorry I really cannot stand her….along with millions of others that have read this series.

I won’t say too much so that you lovely readers can form your own opinions about the ending of this couples story but I loved it, it was a fab ending and just what they deserved. Yes there is a little angst but nothing too bad or drawn out…perfectly balanced.

A few fave lines from this book:-

“I love you Rush Finlay. You are going to be the best husband and father the world has ever known. One day our sons wife will be thankful that her husband will have had you for a role model. She’ll be lucky because of you, because you will have raised our son to be the man that you are. He’ll love her completely because he’ll know how.”

“I’m not ever letting your sexy ass get too far away from me again”

“How far is too far?” I asked

“It’s all too far. I want you right here beside me………forever!”

I am still swooning over the old, new, borrowed and blue, that will stay with me for a long time. Fab read, you’ll all love it if you are a fan of this series.
Simple Perfection (Rosemary Beach 5)
Written 23rd October 2013
Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

"She is my perfection. She holds my heart in her hands. When she hurts it brings me to my knees.”

I love an Abbi Glines book, you know what you are going to get and you know that it is going to be good and as usual Abbi Glines delivers with Simple Perfection.

Woods, he is the epitome of a perfect gentleman and when he loves, he loves fierce! This comes through Abbi’s writing crystal clear, there is nothing that Woods wouldn’t do for Della. Woods was in a bad place at the end of Twisted Perfection as his father had just died. In Simple Perfection, he is dealing with the aftermath of his fathers death, his mothers unreasonable behaviour and his vile ex all while trying to keep the club running smoothly and while putting his own stamp on it. Despite everything that he is dealing with he still puts Della first, before everything. I must admit, sometimes he did come across as a bit “too much”, I was worried that this may cause Della to panic, but she seemed to be handling it all in her stride.

“You’re my all-in, Della. I’ll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I’m all in, baby. This life with you, I’m planning on us.”

Della, god I could have strangled her at times but she did grow in this book. She has a lot of internal demons to battle and she does struggle at times. She cannot really get a grip on the fact that Woods is unconditionally in love with her warts and all, she feels that she has become a burden to him, especially now that he is so busy and he is constantly looking out for her. I think that what she fails to realise at times is that they both need each other, they are good for each other and they are in fact soul mates. Will Woods manage to persuade her otherwise??

“That girl in the photo was scared. Of her past and her future. She was scared to love you. That’s not me. I’m not scared anymore. My past is what made me who I am. My future…as long as I get to spend it with you, then I can’t wait to live it. I’m going to be okay, Woods. I’m not going to…snap. I have a lot to tell you.”

There are a lot of surprises in this book and Abbi Glines “did go there” in this book. I was really surprised when that happened and I can see why she has done it but it didn’t make it any easier to read about. This event not only affected Della and Woods but the whole gang and it will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

Della does learn a lot about her past in this book and what she does find out makes her future all the more rosy, perhaps these new snippets of information will give her the courage needed to get on with her life, rather than dwell on the possibilities that could have emanated from her past.

“Heaven. This is my heaven. All I f**king need to breathe,” he said as he shifted his hips, moving in and out of me.

Overall, this was a great read. I loved Simple Perfection and cannot wait to see where this series is going. Even though this one made me laugh and cry, I want to see their relationship develop even further, especially now that Della is more confident in herself and with the changes that Woods has made to his life, life for them can only get better.

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