Sunday 14 September 2014

Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror 9) by Karina Halle

Reviewed by Willow ~ 4 Stars

"I felt like every single ghost and paranormal beast we had encountered up to this point was preparing me for this"

I've loved the EIT series and I was feeling both excited and sad about reading this book. I had put off reading it as I didn't want Dex and Perry's story to end. It's been epic. The sexual tension, the will they won't they that has had me on the edge of my seat, along with the crazy situations they've got themselves into has made this series an amazing series.

If the previous books are anything to go by I was expecting a crazy huge blast of an ending. Did I get that? Well no, not quite, not in the way I was expecting anyway.  Don't get me wrong it was a very good book, but for me it wasn't quite an amazing book.  That said there were some amazing bits in the book, particularly Dex doing something so selfless to save those he loves.

The story picks up straight from where we left it in Ashes to Ashes. Michael has Dex and Perry sets out to find him. With a Ada and Ginger Balls in tow she heads to New York, where it all started for Dex and Michael.

Through the first part of this book it's told from alternate POVs - something unusual for EiT books - but I loved it. I loved getting inside Dex's head again, although he was not as witty and funny as usual, but given the situation he was in that was totally understandable and there were still a lot of Dex lines that made me smile.

"I don't believe I requested a chaperone from District Ginge"

"I woke up feeling like a nun's ass - all dried out and tight as a rubber band"  

I really don't want to say much about what happens in the story is I don't want to give away anything. What I will say is that we kind of come full circle and there are lots of characters and references from previous books that play a part in the story. We get answers to several things concerning Dex's past and we get to see what all Pippa's cryptic messages have meant.

Something we did get in this book, especially towards the end was some very emotional scenes. I was extremely saddened at some parts and I although I personally was never bought to tears, I can see others easily could be. As much as I love "Derry" and would love to see them again, Karina made a good choice ending this series now. The overall ending to the series was perfect, though sad and though it wasn't quite the all out crazy huge blast I was hoping for, it certainly packed quite a punch in parts. EiT will remain one of my favourite series and I can't wait for Karina's next series about Ada.

Dust to Dust is a must for all EiT fans but those of you who haven't read any EiT books now you can knowing that the series is complete. Book 1, Darkhouse, is currently free so what are you waiting for?

"I Love you," I whimpered. "Always. Beyond death."

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