Friday 26 September 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ (Serial) Life Blood: Cora's Choice (Aethereal Bonds) by V.M. Black

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This is a brilliant series. I am reviewing book one to hopefully get you interested to read them all.

This story is where Cora first comes into contact with the handsome, enigmatic Mr Thorne. Cora is suffering from the life threatening illness of Leukaemia and has just been told by her doctor, Dr Robeson that the treatment she was on had failed and that she only had about 5 months to live. Being only 21 this was devastating news. Cora had had her life mapped out. Graduation and then onto University. Her doctor, seeing how badly affected she was offered her another choice. It was a bit unorthodox but it could be her only chance and gives Cora a card with just a phone number on it.

Overwhelmed she slowly made her way back to college dreading having to tell the news to her roommate Lisette, who had looked after her all through this. Trying to be upbeat in front of her friend but failing miserably she thought it out and made the decision and rang the number and that was when she first meets Mr Thorne, who was nothing like what Cora was expecting. He explained about his procedure also telling her only one in a hundred survives. Not great odds but with death facing her she agreed to allow him to take blood from her to see if she was ok for the treatment. But when he touched her Cora couldn't get over how turned on she got and when she looked at him she couldn't help noticing that wasn't unaffected either. Strange.

When leaving the building all she could think of was HIM.

Her results finally came through and was told it was a go.

The next meeting she had with Mr Thorne was held at a restaurant which Cora thought strange but she went and as soon as she was in his company so the feelings started again being totally drawn to the man. He affected her like no other man she knows.

His hooded eyes burned with intensity. His eyes and cheeks were even more hollow now, I noticed, but they simply put a hard edge on his handsomeness.

"Because I want you to say yes too badly. And sitting across from me, you will refuse me nothing that I want."

And then he told Cora to do something and she found herself doing exactly what he told her to do.

"What are you?" I demanded.

"Something more dangerous than you can imagine." he said, and I believed him. Oh, how I believed him.

But that strong attraction she felt for him was still there. The rest of the evening went in a blur.

He gave her two weeks to make her mind up, and feeling like she did during those two weeks it was easy to make her decision and so she made the fateful phone call which changed Cora' life forever.

As I said in the beginning of this review blinding book and series. Ms Black a resounding hit in my mind.

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