Friday 5 September 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire Book 1 by A.K. Michaels

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

I highly recommend our readers to read this book. It is the start of a really good series. It’s sensuous, erotic but with a great storyline which will keep you turning the pages until the end.

Peri is a 21 year old witch who has been on the run since she was fifteen. She believed in travelling light in her car and one suitcase was all she owned. She did only cash in hand jobs so that she stayed under the radar so that 'they ' could not find her and was constantly on the move because of them.

Peri was in Vegas, helping a Bounty Hunter bring in criminals. He gave the names to Peri and she, using her magic to locate them, she would also take them down and he would just come and collect them from her. In return he would pay her in cash for doing all the work. Peri didn't mind so much as she needed the money it was all she had to live on.

This certain day Peri was having a real bad time in her capture of a certain criminal who was giving her quite the fight but when she looked up she saw that a mob had gathered and was starting to press in towards her. This was when Gabe and Josef came on the scene. They had been watching her fight the man and were impressed with her fighting skill.

Gabe was a wolf. Good looking with a cheeky grin who loves nothing better than a good fight. Josef on the other hand, was a very old vampire. Handsome in a cold way but kept himself totally aloof from things around him being the exact opposite of Gabe but for all that they were the best of friends and had been for over a century.

Seeing the mob closing in on Peri, Gabe couldn't stay back and watch them going for Peri so he ploughed in amongst them to give her a hand. With Josef holding on to her prisoner for her. Once Peri and Gabe had fought off the mob, coming back over to Josef to collect her prisoner and to thank them both for their help, Peri starts to feel dizzy and loses consciousness and falls straight into Josef's arms.

Seeing how underfed and battered from the fight she was they decided to take her back to where they lived so she could recover. Peri wakes up not knowing where she was and was starting to feel pretty scared until she spotted Gabe at the end of the bed assuring her that all they wanted to do was help her. Feeling slightly mollified she agreed to meet with them in the sitting room after getting herself cleaned up and this where the story really begins.

The relationship between the three of them gets really hot. It starts with Peri's naivety.

“Her mind kept going back to those kisses - both were breathtaking - both so different. She was sure she could not choose between the two. “

to her initiation into the world of passion

Peri moaned into his mouth - "Josef - I need. Josef stroked her face - "I know what you need but first we want you to come. We want you all wet and ready - ok. Just relax - let Gabe take you over Peri.”

and with that Peri lost her virginity and how she loved their tuition.

"I think we may have found ourselves a mate my friend." Josef whispered softly and Gabe nodded, lay his head next to Peri's and closed his eyes.

With the evil following Peri and the loss of her dearest friend, this book keeps you reading to the end

Ms Michaels a thoroughly enjoyable book. I loved it and I hope others do to. A well-deserved 4.5 stars.

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