Sunday 7 September 2014

Review ~ Silent Whisper (Limbo #1) by Andrea Smith

Reviewed by Donna ~3.5 Stars

**ARC received for honest review**

“I fell in love with you then, and the magnetic force of that love became even stronger, Karlie. I loved you like I’ve loved no one else… ever. You are my heart - and my soul, but most importantly -you are my eternal love.”

This is going to be a hard book to review without giving too much away, but I will try. This book reminds me of a TV programme from the 80’s and 90’s “oh boy!” (I am showing my age here). I also have to say that this is not your typical paranormal read either; there are no vampires, werewolves, shifters or anything else on that kind of scale. This is more like a contemporary/romance novel with a little paranormal twist; however I can see the paranormal side developing as the series goes along.

Parrish is a woman that is living her life to the full; she has a fantastic boyfriend called Ryan and is a model. She is however getting to that age where she wants to do something different so has plans to assist Ryan with his photography career. One night though her life is altered and Parrish is given a front row seat to the romance of Dominic and Karlie.

Dominic/Nick is the son of a mob boss and Karlie is a prostitute in a brothel. Dominic is a regular of hers but she has always felt a deeper connection with him. He is not like the others, he makes love to her, he cherishes her, he appreciates her and he satisfies her. Nick offers her an out, he wants her for himself and in true Pretty Woman style he whisks her away to a life of luxury and looks after her well, as his mistress. Nick’s marriage is not what it seems either but being catholic divorce is a no no so do not drop this read because of cheating, it is not like that at all.

“I don’t want you f**king anyone else anymore.”

Dominic and Karlie have an intense relationship, their love is genuine, the chemistry is sizzling and their connection is off the charts. Both of these realise that what they have is special and is a once in a lifetime. However, the mob has a tendency to interfere in relationships especially if you are not one of “the family” and their relationship has a lot of uphill battles to contend with.

“It seems that people on both sides were hell-bent on keeping us apart, Karlie. All of the times that I reminded you to trust me, and I assured you that you’d always have my protection - you still didn’t trust it, did you?”

Parrish has been given a job and now it is up to her to rise to the challenge, her mum has trusted her with this task and she cannot fail. Parrish’s eyes have been opened, everything she thought she knew was wrong, now it was up to her to make amends.

I have not read anything like this before and it is a refreshing read. In true Andrea Smith style she delivers the heat in this book and the romantic connection between Dominic and Karlie was palpable. I loved the characters and I loved the premise. I cannot wait to see where this series goes going forward.

“Well played, Dominic. Well played.”

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