Monday 22 September 2014

Review ~ Unforgiven (Unbreakable #3) by Rebecca Shea

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars!!

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is that forgiveness is a beautiful gift to give, but an even more beautiful gift to receive.”

I honestly don’t know where to start reviewing this one…hmmm what can I say? Well, this book is about Lindsay and Matt, there was a hint about a blossoming romance between these two in Undone, but you were never sure. Lindsay is Landon’s sister and Matt is Landon’s partner in the police force. These two are the only people that Landon trusts and loves. It is because of this love and trust issue that Lindsay wants to keep their relationship to themselves, Landon is finally in a happy place and Lindsay does not want to rock the boat, however this secret turns out the be the worst keep secret in the history of secrets and in fact Landon could not be happier for them.

This book starts with Lindsay and Matt being blissfully happy despite them keeping everything hush hush. Lindsay is a TV reporter and her career is on the up and up and as we know Matt is in the police force. Their love for each other is obvious, they have been together for quite a while and both are totally smitten. Work seems to be coming between them though, with Lindsay’s insane hours and Matt’s shift pattern. Lindsay is extremely career minded; she wants to be the best of the best and is putting in all the hours that she can to promote herself forward. She is extremely driven and is very good at what she does, it doesn’t take long for her agent to get the “dream job” that she has always been aspiring to. 

This is where it all goes a bit crazy and Rebecca Shea literally rips your heart out, smashes it to smithereens, and stomps on it for good measure until you are a mush and feeling extremely lifeless. I must say I did read this while zonked out on cold and flu meds so was feeling extremely under the weather, but I seriously balled my eyes out, but I found this book to be extremely emotional. It really did tug at my heart strings both for Lindsay and for Matt.

Lindsay makes the decision to take this job and this means that she will be hours and hours and hours away from Matt, it is not so much how Lindsay made the decision, but how quick. She made it in a few seconds flat seemingly giving no credence to her relationship with Matt, she literally dismisses him. Matt’s heart break was extremely evident, he wears his heart on his sleeve and I cried for him. He literally was destroyed.

“Today I'm fully aware of what it feels like to be dead - not physically dead, but emotionally. Emotionally, I'm a dead man. She was everything to me - everything.”


“You love me? You love me so much you made what should have been the hardest decision of your life in fifteen seconds.”

Lindsay soon finds out that her dream job is not all what it is cracked up to be and is soon regretting her decisions and making some incredibly stupid mistakes. It is here I will stop, you have the bones, and I will leave you to read the meat. This story is incredibly moving, at times distressing and incredibly emotional. We continue to catch up with Landon and Reagan and they do still appear heavily and we are also treated to snippets from Jessica and Gabe, who were in book 1, Unbreakable.

This book does cover some tough topics and these we all handled brilliantly and sympathetically, I felt for Lindsay throughout and her journey of self-destruction and re-generation was certainly a roller coaster ride of emotions. Although our Lindsay always seemed to be the strong one from the outside, internally she was full of self-doubt. Both hers and Landon’s past seemingly leaving an indelible mark. But despite all the emotional, this book is smattered with humour and the snippet below had me howling with laughter and may have even had a few tears too with the belly laugh that resulted!

“Well, the skank look isn’t working for you, sweetheart. So tuck those tits back into that blouse and lay off the black eye liner. There is a difference between smoky eye and Goth. We want to attract viewers, not f**king scare them.”

All in all this was a great follow up and a great way to end this series. All three couples have been a pleasure to read about even if their stories at times have been heart-breaking!

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