Monday 29 September 2014

Review ~ Unhinged (Unhinged #1) by Timberlyn Scott

Reviewed by Willow ~ 3.5 - 4 Stars

"Whoever he was, there was something about him....
Something that Unhinged me."

 I picked this book up because I had heard that it was actually a book by Nicole Edwards just written under a different name. The reason for this is because Nicole did not want her fans to think that it was going to be a traditional Nicole Edwards book which sit firmly in the erotica category. This book is completely different, it was much more of a sweet romance.

The book starts with Peyton having a dream about a guy, but not knowing who he is, although she's had the dream before. All she knows is she doesn't want it to end. But alas, she has to get up to go to the new job she has just started.

The new job is working for Mr Conrad Trovato, CEO of Trovato inc, a high end car/ engine designer. Wait, I know what you're thinking - nope this isn't one of those books! Payton is sent to Mr Trovato's house one day on an errand. There she literally meets the guy of her dreams.

"Holy crap.
He was the guy from my dream. The dream I'd had for the last couple of weeks. He was the guy I couldn't look away from, the one I would try to call back just before I would awaken abruptly"

He introduces himself as Sebastian and Payton assumes that he is Mr Trovato's mechanic.

The book is told from dual POV, so we get inside Sebastian's head too. He has also had a dream a about a girl who unhinged him, and yep you've guessed it, it's Payton.

Sebastian is not who Payton thinks he is though, he has a secret.

I really did enjoy reading this book, it was an easy read, the words flowed well and it kept me engaged. It was funny in parts and Sebastian is HOT! As the story progress' Sebastian emerges as having a bit of a bad boy persona. Did I also mention he has Tats and piercings? Hell yes, he's definitely hot! He's also told to stay away from Payton, but he can't get her out of his head either and so definitely breaks that rule!

"There was only one problem. She unhinged me. And I wasn't strong enough to resist her."

 The book is a really short read though at only 184 or so pages and I was disappointed to find just as I was really immersed in the book it ended. On top of that it ends on a massive cliffhanger. Sebastian is just about to tell Payton a huge secret, not the one we as readers know already of who he really is, but a new secret and although you kind of get the gist of what he's about to say, it is shocking and you don't know the how, why or what Payton's reaction will be. So the book definitely leaves you wanting more, but I'll admit I found this hugely frustrating. Luckily the second book in the series is now out.

In summary, overall this was a good book that had me laughing in places and definitely lusting after Sebastian. The secrets he held added mystery to the book and kept it engaging. Although I said this is a sweeter Romance, there were still a couple of hot scenes that left you wanting more, just don't expect Nicole Edwards hot. Although there is the element of them both dreaming about the other before they met, this is not a paranormal book in any way. The disappointment for me came in the shortness of the book and it feeling like it ended just as it started to get going. That said it is a reasonably priced book and with the next one already out, It is worth having a read. I've started book two Unraveling and my review of that will be up shortly.

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