Friday 17 October 2014

Friday Fright ~ PNR Reviews ~ The Wolf Within (The Wild Side 1) by M.J. Scott

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

I started this book mildly interested but soon changed my mind as it turned into a real page turner with me wanting to see how things panned out for our main character Ashley Keenan or Ash as most people call her.

Ash had had a terrible tragedy happen in her past. The loss of her parents and sister whom had been murdered by an evil vampire called Tate, who had been on a killing spree. It had left Ash in a terrible emotional state needing counselling and the love of her only living family her Aunt Bug, to get through this time in her life, but through this Ash had built up a thriving business as a Forensic Accountant. Because of her clientele of not only humans she also dealt with vampires and weres. She takes regular doses of a vaccine that was on the market to prevent anyone being bitten not being turned as the murder of her family had left a lasting impression on Ashley to stay human at all cost.

Then one day someone who she didn't want to see turned up at her office, it was her old boyfriend Daniel Gibson or Dan as she had called him. They had been really close even talking about a home and kids together until the night that Dan had been bitten by a werewolf and he had turned. Ash not being able to cope with her boyfriend being a werewolf had broken up the relationship and had not seen Dan in four years, but seeing him standing in her office feelings flooded over her which she quickly tamped down as she couldn't go through all that hurt again.

Dan tells Ash that he was now working for the F.B.I. Supernatural Crime Force and they need her help, very sceptical of them needing her help as they had very good people of their own. It was when Dan mentioned the name Tate that Ash's interest perked up and she agreed to help them, but on the condition that Dan realized that nothing had changed between them.

With the job starting to get more involved and it obviously showed Ashley was being thrown in the firing line Dan was having to spend more time with Ashley and after one incident it got quite intimate.

"Don't get too cocky," I hissed at him. I haven't agreed to cooperate with your stupid plans."
"I'll just have to work on that, won't I?" he replied, not bothering to hide his satisfaction.

The trouble was he smelled so good, it was calling to me.

Before I knew what he was doing he reached out and pulled me against him. His mouth came down on mine. Hard. Deep. Everything I'd been missing. Everything I wanted. Heat roared through me as his lips moved over mine, nibbling and teasing.

and then it all got too much and Ash gave in and how good it was to be with Dan again down and dirty

"You were right. Beds are overrated." He said in a half growl. I laughed though I was starting to become aware that my back didn't necessarily agree with him. "Doesn't mean I would object to one for round two."
"Round two? he laid his forehead against mine.
"Fuck, Ash. You trying to kill me?"
"You got some better way to go?" I moved my hips, felt his cock stir to life.

But Ash had other worries with everything going down. Was she making a deal with the devil to try and make things right. Only time would tell.

I loved this book. Loved the characters in the story, which was fast moving and loving the sexy innuendoes. I certainly will be following this series. Ms Scott brilliant start to which I hope will be a great series.

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