Friday 24 October 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR ~ Blood Deep (Blackthorn Series) by Lindsay J Pryor

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

**ARC received for honest review **

This is Book 4 in this oh so brilliant Blackthorn Series. Ms Pryor has done it again with this blistering series, seeing all the different sides that make up the complex place call Blackthorne.

In this book the story is about Jessie and Eden. It’s set in the human ex convict part called The Circus. Part of it is run by a vicious and cruel man by the name of Pummel who has had Jessie a prisoner for many years. Although she has certain freedom she is a prisoner all the same having to do Pummels bidding except for one thing he couldn't ask of her much to his frustration.

The story starts with the meeting between Jessie and the one very good looking man called Eden. Jessie comes to Eden’s aid when he was set upon by one of the roving gangs of cons that roams the streets.

Jessie had been watching it from a distance and up to the point when she felt she needed to step in Eden had been holding his own managing to dispatch some single handed until one of them brought out a knife and stabbed him twice in the side, knowing a third would be fatal Jessie killed the man and the rest that were left standing.

While Eden was unconscious Jessie managed to hide him and tend to his wounds, giving him something to sedate him until she could get back to check up on him. Before she left, when looking at him laying there she couldn't help feeling some sort of recognition though which was strange.

Next day Jessie managed to avoid Pummel and get back to Eden. When waking him she told him to get away as far as possible. Even though he had a spectacular amount of con numbers running up his arm telling the world what a bad boy he is, she left him with this advice thinking she wouldn't see him again.

To Jessie’s horror instead of taking her advice Eden shows up in Pummels office. Hoping against hope that he doesn't say anything about their meeting all she could do was watch what happened between him and Pummel. Thankfully nothing was said and although suspicious Pummel seemed to be charmed by Eden to the point of letting him stay for the night and even offering Tatum, a devious and cunning woman who worked with Pummel to spend the night with him, much to Jessie’s chagrin leaving her
feeling jealous.

Eden meanwhile knew he had to go along with this suggestion of Pummels if he was to be accepted managing to catch Jessie’s eye before leaving the room letting her know they had unfinished business between them.

Jessie had come to realize that it was Eden that she had seen in the visions that she had just started having and was baffled as to why. But just thinking about him gave her feelings that she couldn't deny, having not felt anything like it before if the warmth in her lower abdomen was anything to go by.

Pummel’s hold on Jessie was absolute, but somehow Jessie had to find out what Eden was up to.
Managing to meet him in secret she found herself, after talking to him, not knowing what she wanted to do, he could so easily get her harmed but then it was taken out of her hands.

“She knew she could of shoved him backwards, struck him on the side of the head with a blow from her elbow. She could have stamped hard on his groin, before kicking him clean in the face, knocking him out cold if the force of the blow didn't kill him outright. But as his thumb continued to circle the most sensitive, most responsive part of her sex, as his middle finger found its way through her wetness to ease just a little way inside her, she instead clamped her eyes shut, felt herself fall back against him despite her sustained grip on the pool table. Never had she been touched so intimately.”

Their growing attraction to each other was strong but they both knew it was suicide to let it be known. If Pummel even got an idea of it, it would be a death sentence to Eden that was for sure. As for Eden he hated having to do the things he had to do to waylay suspicion, especially in front of Jessie.

And it was painful for Jessie to watch, but they did manage to get some stolen moments

“The moment his lips brushed her inner thigh, she flinched. She could feel him smiling as his kisses and nips teased her skin - kisses that moved higher and higher up her right thigh as his right hand did the same up the inside of her left. But instead of feeling his fingers against her sex as she expected, she gasped in delight as she felt his mouth.”

Although Jessie was still an enigma to him and he kept telling himself not to get involved he just couldn't help himself.

With everything that was going on around them.

The forces playing against them.

With trust having to be earned not given.

And the darkness Jessie had foreseen in her visions.

The viciousness that was The Circus that they had to fight against to keep alive and their growing attraction for each other makes this book a book you cannot put down until you reach the end.

Ms Pryor a really great read, and a real deserving 5 stars from me.

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