Friday 10 October 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ The Captured Heart (The Claiming Games Book 1) by Beverly Rae

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

This story is about a woman who has faced heartbreak too many times. Fighting depression she took on the challenge of her lifetime. A woman who fought her demons and found a man who had that special something and who was worth all the pain and indecision she was going through.

This woman is called Erin; she needs money badly to pay off her debts that she had run up whilst going to college. Ultimately she wanted to go to Law School so the chance of being able to win $250,000 was a dream come true even if it seemed unusual in the way the invitation was worded.

Erin and her two best mates Maddy and Nina had all received the invitations to the Claiming Games which was being held in North Creek, Carolina. It said if they won they had the choice of the money or a man. To Nina it was a no brainer she was after the cash. Although the invitations sounded iffy it was the chance of a lifetime they couldn't refuse, so they all decided to go. They made their way to Fangs Bar and Grill where there were other girls assembled, also having received invitations. In the bar there were also a load of bikers and this is where this story really begins.

Colter was one of those bikers there. He had spotted Erin in her home town and for the first time he decided to enter the Claiming Games hoping that she would enter. For him she was the only girl in the room as he looked over at her. Erin felt his gaze and looked back at him.

“With a visual lock on each other my body came to life feeling turned on so fast and hard.”

and then an older man came into the bar so broad and dark he was impressive. Looking over all the girls sitting in the bar he spoke aloud…

“He spread his arms wide, like a Master of Ceremonies greeting his audience.

"Welcome, bitches, to the Claiming Games."”

Whoa, and then he told the men in the bar to stake their claim. My god, and then they all started towards the girls. Erin tried to make herself look small. Hoping against hope that the hunk that had her body jumping would claim her and then there he was bending down in front of her.

"Whats your name?"
His voice was a silky rich tone that made me want to puddle at his feet. Heat, driven by sexually-charged pheromones, drifted off him searing into my flesh and sending my body temperature skyward.

Erin was totally turned on by the way he talked to her. Not understanding exactly what was going on Erin was so glad she had her friends for support. After some questions being asked by the other girls a woman who seemed to be with the big bloke spoke out aloud…

"Tell you what. I'll give you a hint. If you want flowers and champagne, then leave. If you want sweet words whispered in your ear, then leave. But if you want hard core, animalistic sex that will blow your pussy to heaven and back, then stick around.”

What had they let themselves in for? Dangerous, life threatening was mentioned but the men at the end of it, they were sex gods.

Just hope we can do this.

There were hardships to go through but there was the upside when Colter came to Erin.

“My body prepared itself, stiffening as the lust rolled through me. I was on fire, a fluid, scorching element with no end. And yet the end was coming closer, barrelling toward me at incredible speed and force. Colter rammed into me again, then dug his fingers into my ass and stilled. His eruption signalled mine. I cried out, in joy and in protest, as my orgasm ripped outward.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ms Rae you made Erin feel to me like thousands of women out there who have to battle their demons for whatever reason that they had them. You brought her to life and I'm sure a lot of women will relate but also I loved Colter that very sexy man who had compassion in him that a lot of women would love to meet for themselves.

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