Sunday 12 October 2014

Review ~ All of It by Kim Holden

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“Life is sometimes…destined.”

After the EPIC read that was Bright Side that was also penned by this author I decided to read the other book that Kim Holden had written. For a first book, this book was amazing. I was glued to the pages from start to finish, trying to read between the lines, coming up with my own ideas and just drowning in Veronica and Dimitri’s story.

“Life is sometimes … tingly and covered with goose bumps.”

Kim Holden has the art of bringing her characters to life, you feel like they are your friends and you are on their journey with them. You feel like a voyeur looking in, but the writing is like a drug, you just have to keep reading. As with Bright Side this book is emotional in places and yes the tear ducts were working, but it is not on the same level as Brightside for tear inducing moments.

“Life is sometimes … an epiphany.”

This is the story of Veronica and Dimitri and what a beautiful story it was too. Veronica/Ronnie is a senior in high school; she is sporty, one of the lads, academic, helpful, kind, thoughtful…just an amazing girl that has her hopes, dreams and aspirations. She tries to keep herself to herself just having a close knit of friends, who incidentally are mainly guys. But her “guys” are like brothers; they look after her and are extremely protective of her.
“Life is sometimes … mind-blowing.”
Ronnie is assigned to chaperone the new student for a few days, something that she volunteered for being the kind and caring person she is. Nothing could prepare her for the onslaught of feelings she had when she met Dimitri. Despite a shaky start, these two fast became friends, there was just something about him that had Ronnie mesmerised. He had a fantastic memory and could remember everything she ever said and even some things she thought she hadn’t even mentioned, but she must have, right? How could any guy be that attentive?

“Well, in that case, pack up, Ronnie. We will leave this unsatisfactory, tear-inducing hell-hole for something much more upscale. There’s an IHOP just down the street.”

Dimitri is so swoon worthy it is unbelievable, he is perfect in every way and his feelings for Ronnie are more than just friendship. He is super intelligent, a fantastic artist, a musician, it just seems that there is nothing he cannot do and everything he does, he does well. Dimitri makes it his mission to win the heart of Ronnie and he is a man on a mission. He has complete tunnel vision when it comes to Ronnie, but you can tell that these two would be fantastic together, they complement each other, and they understand each other and bring out the best in each other.

“Dimitri was and remains the constant in my life; a saint sent to endure me. There’s no other way to put it. He simply … lovingly … endures me.”

I cannot say much more because it would give away too much of the story and this is one of those that needs to be read and experienced first-hand. Yes they have their ups and downs and there are some trying moments but love conquers all and when fate deals its hand you just have to go with the flow. These two were soul mates, they have that undeniable connection, and you feel the emotion and the passion in their connection. Dimitri is so open with his feelings, his love for Ronnie radiates off the page and you just cannot help but champion them along. Ronnie is always that bit more reserved and holds back at times and you just want to tell her to wake up and smell the coffee because what she has in front of her is once in a lifetime…literally!!

“I promise to love you every day … every yesterday, every today, and every tomorrow … forever.”

This book has the same writing style as Bright Side, fluid, emotional, captivating, all encompassing…one of those stories that I couldn’t put down and hard to believe was a debut book. This author is incredibly talented though, this is a plot that has that element of suspense and it isn’t until the end that all is revealed. I had my suspicions and had kind of guessed but not after being wrong on so many occasions. This book proves Kim Holden’s versatility as it is so different from Bright Side yet just as compelling. I cannot wait to read what this author pens next, I for one will definitely be reading, I have another 1click author on my list. All I can say is bring it on Kim Holden bring it on!!

“Life is sometimes … finding something to live for.”
“Life is sometimes … auspicious.”
“Life is sometimes … enduring.”
“Life is sometimes … just right.”
“Life is sometimes … your past and your future.”

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