Saturday 25 October 2014

Review ~ Rellik by Teresa Mummert

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

**ARC received for honest review **

“Rellik Bentley is to die for.”

To say I have been eagerly awaiting this book is a severe understatement… Cover Lust – check, KILLER title – check, You Really Want to Read Me Now Blurb – check. So with all that checked I have been salivating and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!

Just the name Rellik has you wondering, who is this man? What has he done to warrant a name like that? draws you in as does the character. Rellik is a musician and song writer, his lyrics are emotional and heart felt all inter-laced with that rock group twist. He is a bit of an enigma, dark and brooding, secretive, but is extremely fearless and as we find out extremely protective and I would say totally and utterly misunderstood. He has a heart of gold underneath those layers which are in themselves a disguise, a suit of armour that protects him, he has lived a life already that has only brought him pain and now he is adamant that he will never feel that way again. Until…

“…music for us was an escape. It was the blood that oozed from the wound.”

Ella is also another character who is multi layered. These two are so alike it is scary, she comes across as ballsy and fearless but you can tell that underneath all the bravado there is a woman with a story to tell. You can tell that she has had it rough and is still having it rough, but she is proud and doesn’t want any help or interference. She has a mission and that mission is answers and revenge. There is only one person who can answer those questions but she cannot find him despite all the searching.

Rellik and Ella’s paths cross in a dark alley and Rellik soon becomes Ella’s knight in shining armour, Ella for once having to admit she needs help. Rellik is taken aback by Ella, haunted by his past when he looks at her, but she reignites something in him, something he has not felt in a very long time and something that he vowed to never feel again. Despite trying to ignore those feelings Rellik cannot help but be drawn to Ella and finds himself walking her home to keep her safe. 

“So if you want to play the victim with me, Ella, I will f**ing make you one.”

This is one killer friendship, but one intense mutual attraction. These two are not relationship material but together these two sizzle, both shocked by just how fervid their chemistry is. Once unleashed and their reservations relinquished these two make sparks fly.

“The bond we shared ran deeper than secrets. If I was the butterfly, he was the storm, the justice that would wash away my past so I could start again. We’d finish this together, heal each other.”

Both of these have their secrets but secrets have a way of finding a voice and it is when this voice is heard that their troubles really start. From strangers to friends/lovers in a matter of days, what happens when their pasts are revealed and all is not as it seems. Well, you get one extremely riveting story that you will not want to put down.

Teresa Mummert has created a spider’s web with these two but who is the spider and who is the fly? This is a book full of passion, lust, revenge, love, hate, it is dark, it is raw, it ain’t pretty but it is original, consuming, gritty and suspenseful. It will keep you on your toes, rooting for this Bonnie and Clyde’esque couple. These two have no fear, together they are formidable, but will this be a match made in heaven or a match made in hell?

“She was playing cat and mouse with a mother**king lion.”

All I can say is a loved it, all of it, the two main characters totally got to me, they deserved each other and you cannot help but root for them from the start. The other band members are so intriguing; I want to know more about them, their pasts are going to be colourful and their futures, no doubt even brighter. Given the circumstances under which their band was formed, you know that there is a lot more meat on these bones. This may be the first book but I really hope it won’t be the last for this group of misfits. Alone they were nothing, together they are formidable. Fantastic story, was so worth the wait and the cover and title are perfect and extremely fitting.

“I averted my gaze to my own cup of dirt on my desk. No emerald leaves grew like they had from the others. It was a bad seed, just like me.”

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