Wednesday 22 October 2014

Review ~ Ruin (Songs of Corruption #2) by CD Reiss

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 stars

“She was going to be the death of me, and I was suicidal. I would kill for her, or I’d be killed by her, but no matter what, someone was getting anointed in oil and put in a pine box . God willing, it would be me and not her.”

OMG!! What have I just read!! I have to say that Ruin has been the best CD Reiss book I have read. I was totally smitten after Spin but I am now totally RUINED after Ruin. Capo has taken over my heart and my head.

Antonio “Capo” Spinelli…how can I describe him to do him justice…he is gorgeous, he is sexy as hell, he is fiercely protective, he is one hot alpha, he talks and f**ks dirty, he is one badass but he is my Capo. He oozes sex appeal, he leaves puddles where he walks and poor Theresa did not stand a chance with our Mafia man. But and this is a big BUT…he didn’t stand a chance either. These two were destined to be together and even He thought so too. The chemistry between these two is palpable, my kindle could have literally combusted with the words that I was reading, these two are unmistakably perfect for each other, and they say opposites attract but these two were fused, they were one. The intense sexual chemistry that these two exuded was inferno hot, but not only that, their emotional connection was intense, stunningly powerful and virtually indestructible.

“He was erect in less than a minute, and when he carried me to the bedroom, I fell into a suit of armor.”

Theresa… their back grounds could never have been more different. Coming from money and a super-rich family with connections, she would never have wanted for anything. She was as straight laced as they came until she met her Capo. There was no brain washing going on here, she went into this with her eyes wide open. She knew the risks and she was willing to shed her Miss Perfect title and do whatever was needed to keep her and her Capo together. This was one of those unconditional loves, it was pure, it was raw, it should have been toxic, but it wasn’t, it was just beautiful.

The change in Theresa in Ruin is huge, long gone is our number crunching DA’s fiancée…in Ruin we have a woman fit to be Mafioso’s wife. She shows a cunning side, she is a planner, fiercely loyal, fiercely protective and fiercely devoted. She was willing to go to the dark side for her Capo, things that could have never been undone, but things that showed just how dedicated and trustworthy she was and this did not go unnoticed by Antonio.

She was my hope, that woman, standing so straight as she crossed the street. She could rule the world. She already ruled me.”

Antonio was forever fighting inner demons and outside factions, he did not want his Contessa sullied, he wanted to keep her pure and clean, keep her on the periphery. Antonio was unprepared for what a fire cracker he had unleashed, with every turn she surprised him. Her determination, her grit and her faith in him and them as a couple was unwavering, she was in it for the long haul and no matter what he did or said, her Capo was her future and she was never going to stand in the shadows, she was going to stand by his side.

“I love you. You are my only, my one and only. And if I have to turn my life upside down, or go to hell to be with you, so be it.” “That’s not to be undertaken lightly.” “It never was. Never,”

I cannot convey into words how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the writing style is phenomenal. So beautifully and descriptively written you felt that you were there, I was living the life, and the pages swallowed me whole and transported me into the life of Capo and Contessa. CD Reiss’s words are so powerful that you cannot help but be swept away in her prose, the emotions, the suspense, the intrigue, the fear, living on the edge dreading the next word in case it is not what you want to hear. I felt like the characters were tangible, I just needed to put a hand in, I could almost smell and taste, so vivid and descriptive were her words. I lived and breathed this book and I didn’t want it to end. Totally and utterly consuming, but totally and utterly perfect.

I cannot wait for the next book in this series; these two still have a long way to go and a lot to overcome. I have no fear when it comes to these two though, so strong are they as a unit that I feel in my heart of hearts that they can do it. These two are survivors as long as they have each other, apart they are targets, they are vulnerable; if separated these two cannot function, so strong is their connection and their constant need for each other.

“My destiny is to destroy.” “Maybe I was destined to be destroyed.”

CD Reiss, I take my hat off to you, I have loved every word and I cannot wait for more.

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