Sunday 19 October 2014

Review ~ Something Like Redemption (Something Like Normal 2) by Monica James

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“Don’t change who you are for people who don’t even know who they are. You’re beautiful, inside and out.”

This book continues from where Something Like Normal ended and Mia and Quinn are on the run; therefore please make sure you have read Something Like Normal first.

Well I finished and I am a little lost for words and that doesn’t happen very often. This book was packed and I mean PACKED!! For a couple on the run I did find that this couple couldn’t help but draw attention to themselves considering they should be flying low under the radar, but wherever Mia goes, drama seems to follow and this book is no different.

I will say though, the first 30% made me quite mad, Mia was seriously doing my head in. Deep down in my heart of hearts I could understand her actions but my poor Quinn, he couldn’t have been clearer if he tried…what did she want?...a plane flying with one of those messages trailing behind?? Quinn was in it for the long haul, but Mia was trying her damnedest to push him away, albeit with the best intentions. Thank god that Quinn could see through her misguided attempts and was stronger than that. Quinn deserved a medal in this book, not many would have tolerated Mia’s AC/DC behaviour.

“And I’m here every step of the way, Red. Every step. I won’t leave you, I promise you. No matter how hard you push me away, I will push back twice as hard, because I know you feel it.”

But and this is a huge BUT, the relationship development between these two was huge. This is a relationship built on friendship first and foremost…yes in the beginning there is that toing and froing but this is Mia doing what she feels she needs to do to protect Quinn. Deep down though we have two people that will do anything for each other, their love for each other is fierce. Even though they are both vulnerable in their own way, they are strong, they are fiercely protective of each other and extremely devoted…and this is before they have even got down to the hot and sweatys!! Don’t fret, they get close many times and these scenes are smoking hot but Quinn never crosses that line…when he does, he wants it to be perfect for both of them and at this moment in time those stars are not aligning. One thing I will say though is I pity Monica James in having to write their first sex scene, because with the sexual tension between these two, I am expecting COMBUSTION!!

“From the crown of my head, to the soles of me feet, my body is alight. And the reason for that inferno is Quinn Berkeley.”

I can’t really say much about the book because as I said above, there is a lot going on and to say anything would give too much away and as this is a romantic suspense I need to keep my lips zipped so that you experience it the same way I did. I will say though when you are on the run you keep your friends close and your enemies even closer, you have to pick and choose who you trust and I found some of their decisions a bit WTF? I am normally a good judge of character and my spidey senses did not let me down in this book (you will know when you get there). 

On the whole, this was an action packed read that kept me reading in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down and I am now eagerly awaiting book 3. Quinn is such a diamond, I love him dearly but he is still extremely secretive about his past and I desperately want to know what it is that he is hiding. I expect it is going to be huge and another WTF moment.

“He grew up and realized that it’s okay to make mistakes, because you’ve always got tomorrow to try and make amends.”

These two deserve a happy ever after especially after everything they have been through but I still feel they have a lot to get through to get there and I fear that the road is still going to be extremely bumpy. They have people on their side though and I just hope that they can come through for them in the end.

Monica James, you have certainly put me through it with this one and now I will have to wait on tenterhooks…book 3 cannot come quick enough.

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  1. This whole series was amazing! i mean it covered all- romance, sex, action, suspense, friendship, jealousy, brotherhood, poverty, drugs and what not! :) though i feel the final ending of something like love (something like normal part 3) was poorly constructed and a bit disapointing. Still i feel all the time i've spent reading this didnt go waste. xD and i would love to read more from this author.