Friday 7 November 2014

Friday Fright ~ PNR Reviews ~ Darkness Revealed (Guardians of Eternity 4) by Alexandra Ivy

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

I am slowly catching up with this brilliant series. These books are real page turners, with really great stories and strong sexy males and almost always strong feisty females. With sensual romance interwoven through them and dashes of humour which I love.

I have been reading these books back to back as I am so engrossed with the storyline and how it evolves. I have picked out book 4 to review as it is one of my favourites so far. You will find characters mentioned through this book who also appear in previous books so I would therefore recommend you read the series in order so that you know where they all fit in with the story.

I will only lightly touch on the romance that develops between the two main characters in this book, Anna Randal and the Conde Cezar as I do not want to spoil your enjoyment of these amazing books.

Anna and Cezar first met in London 1814. Cezar was a most striking man, he had every female eyeing him trying to get his attraction and so was Anna watching him from where she sat in the corner. Oozing sex appeal, he wandered around the room and Anna's eyes followed him, but she was not there to mingle she was only there to keep her eye on her cousin Morgana at her aunts request and it was whilst doing this she had her first up and very close encounter with the Conde Cezar. One she was never going to forget.

The story then fast forwards 200 years to where Anna has come to Chicago in search of Cezar. She is now a totally different person, not the poor relation she once was nor so innocent as she was then but now a professional, a lawyer in fact, a person who stands up for people she represents and who can look after herself and not afraid to tell people that. She was now a feisty woman looking for answers. Answers that only the Conde can give her.

Cezar was also aware of when Anna came into the room. Noticing how lovely she looked and being the vampire he was he could feel her presence. Cezar had very fond memories of Anna from their first encounter all that time ago and had not forgotten the woman and looking at her he felt the desire rising in him once again.

Anna couldn't be unaware of the attraction she felt for this man, the man she had been dreaming about all these long years and the irresistible pull towards him, shrugging it aside she confronts him and gets him alone to find out the truth as to what he had done to her all those years ago, but while they were talking bad things started to happen but before they had to flee Cezar had to tell Anna...

“He glanced down at her wary hazel eyes, a jolt of pure male possession racing through him.”I told you one hundred and ninety-five years ago that you belong to me, Anna Randal," he growled. "No one is allowed to harm you."

Their journey was fraught with outside forces doing their best to get to Anna, but Cezar arrogant that he was, was not going to let anything happen to Anna, but it did help to bring them closer and for Anna actually admitting to herself that Cezar was maybe the one.

"I ...yes", she breathed; bending down to kiss him with such tenderness that Cezar shuddered with bliss. This woman - this wonderful, precious woman was his. And he would give his life to keep her safe.

This book has so much going on in it. It is a real page turner and one I couldn't put down. It even brought a tear to my eye at the end showing the love that had developed between these two people.

Ms Ivy a really brilliant book and awesome series.

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