Sunday 30 November 2014

Tiffany Reisz Day! Review ~ The King (The Original Sinners: White Years #2) by Tiffany Reisz

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5  stars!!

“He was gone, gone, gone, and that was fine, fine, fine with Kingsley. Except it wasn’t.”

Where to start!! As you can tell I have had a Tiffany Reisz marathon the past three days. I went to start reading The King and was startled to see that I had not read The Saint, how I missed it god only knows…perhaps Soren can enlighten me? It was sitting on my kindle waiting and so therefore the marathon began and I loved every single minute.

Once again Tiffany Reisz started this book the same way as The Saint and if this is the way the White Years is to be told, I can’t wait. This time it is the turn of Grace to have a bedtime story from Kingsley himself. Kingsley turns up to Grace’s London home with a mission in mind, but before he can get to the crunch he needs to tell his story to make her understand and therefore through a flashback, we find out from the King how he came to be the man he was today. I have to say, Grace does still leave a sour taste in my mouth…I still can’t get over the end of The Mistress!!

“I have something to tell you. A story. And I can’t tell you why I’m telling you the story until after the story.”

Kingsley Edge is one third of the trifecta, he is rich, a playboy, French, American, enigmatic, bisexual, kinky as hell but he is trustworthy, reliable and he has a huge heart. I never quite realised the extent of just how huge his heart was. Kingsley is a very multi-layered character and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Tiffany Reisz took us on to peel back each and every layer to show us who Kingsley was underneath the suits and boots.

“Welcome to the Kingdom.”

Once again Tiffany Reisz has created a character that is beautiful on the inside and out and the constant bantering over who was the most “beautiful,” had me in stitches. We see another side though to Kingsley, he is haunted by his past too even though the bravado he wears on the outside never exposes this part of him. It is these chinks in his armour that made him all the more endearing and more real and in fact more human. He always came across as this dark, mysterious man with the world at his feet, he was revered and feared and he was rather aloof, but this man was hiding behind his persona and the real Kingsley brought me to tears many, many times.

“F**k me until I forget I’m French.”

The love and devotion that he has for Soren has never been a doubt in my mind but once you see just how deep his love is you cannot help but feel heart break for him. Tiffany Reisz managed to portray this perfectly throughout his story and I found my own heart breaking for him on many occasions. I saw him like a puppy dog waiting patiently for scraps at a dinner table and whatever scraps Soren would throw him, he lapped up. He was starved of affection and it just seemed that the few people that he found the propensity the love, just could not love him back in the way he needed or deserved and that to me was devastating. I just wanted to jump into the book and give him a cuddle, his story really got to me. However, the above does not undermine the relationship that he has with Soren, Soren loved him just as hard and deep, but he knew that it could never work between them; Kingsley would never survive, so to protect the one man the he loves so fiercely, he has to stay away. But there are many tender moments between the two that just cement how much they do actually mean to each other.

“I will never turn my back on you. I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. As long as it’s in my power, I will be your friend, and I will be here for you whenever you need me.” ~ Soren

This story also shows how “The King” was born and how the Eighth Circle came to be and this part of the book held me captivated. Kingsley’s idea for the club was not born as a money making idea but as a safe haven for his beloved. He wanted to have a place where like-minded people could practice their proclivities without fear of being exposed, harassed or arrested, but more importantly he wanted to build it for Soren.

“I’m going to do something for you someday.” ~ Kingsley
 “You do everything for me.” ~ Soren
  “I want to build you a castle.” ~ Kingsley
“I’ve had my fill of castles, Kingsley,” Soren said.
 “What I need is a dungeon.” ~ Soren

The creation of The Eighth Circle was a fight in itself and Kingsley had many battles to fight in order to get his dream off the ground. It is also during this time that Kingsley found who he could trust and who he couldn’t. This lead to some killer scenes with even more tears and the one of betrayal hurt the most. But the tears are testament to the writing skills of Tiffany Reisz, I know that I am an emotional person, I know that tears do come easily, but I found myself crying where I normally wouldn’t and it was due to the fact that these characters are so deeply embedded into my heart that when they hurt I hurt, when they love, I love, I felt it all.

“Jeg elskar dig.”

All I can say is that I need The Virgin, even though I have been immersed in their stories for three days my appetite has not been sated, in fact it has made me want to read about them even more. I already feel lost and cannot seem to start another book. That is the beauty of Tiffany Reisz’s stories, flawlessly written, totally captivating and engaging you just do not want the story end. The perfect balance of emotion and wit will engage you completely, so much so I am having withdrawals. March cannot come quick enough.

“I want to know what price you put on something I considered priceless” ~ Soren
“Sex isn’t priceless.” – Kingsley
“It was with you.” ~ Soren

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