Friday 12 December 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Innocent by Dawn Steele

Guess what? Its our Friday Frights reviewer, Shirley's birthday today, So join us in wishing her a Very Happy Birthday!
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Innocent by Dawn Steele

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

This is a great story. It intrigued me when it mentioned triplets and a twist in the intro, and a very sexy book to boot.

The story is a about Katya James a very naïve plus size girl, who lands a dream job as an intern to the very handsome, dynamic and very rich tiger shifter Dean Masters at his PR firm. You'll find that Katya is in seventh heaven with her job and even more so when she meets Dean and it seems instant lust rises its head between them and when they gave into it, it was phew. Wow, Dean couldn't get enough of pretty Katya.

“But he wanted her. He liked her in every way. He liked the way her smile in the morning put a fire in his belly and lightened his step. He loved working with her. She was bright and funny and she had plenty of great ideas. Hell, he wanted her for his company. His father would have agreed.”

And their affair started with a bang of lust filled moments. The down side for Katya, Dean made sure it was only sex, friends with benefits she thought it was called, but it didn't stop Katya from having feelings for Dean.

But things got interesting for Katya, she was asked if she minded helping out Dean’s brother Taylor whilst Dean was having to work elsewhere, so Katya agreed and what a pleasant surprised she had on meeting Taylor. Taylor was totally different to Dean, he was quiet, studious but that didn't stop Katya feeling the same pull that she felt when she was with Dean and so she used her new wiles of seduction and got him in bed.

“His cock went in deep. It felt soooo good inside her. "Ohhhh," she moaned. "That feels so good," he said, breathing hard. "So, so good. I haven't done this in a while.”

Katya loved the chemistry that was developing between her and Taylor and was willing to explore it more even though Dean was still firmly in her mind and being, but then Dean called, would she mind going and helping his other brother Christopher. Katya didn't like to refuse and so she was to meet Deans other triplet and boy was she in for a surprise. The ultimate bad boy and boy did HE have things to teach Katya, was this girl having a crash course in sex or what.

“His cock impaled her - a rush of hot flesh and hotter need. He was immediately in as deep as he could go. "Oh my God," she gasped. "Say my name," he said. "Christopher." "That's right. That's who you'll think of every time you get fucked by a man." His blue eyes bored down into hers as he fucked her with vigour and without mercy.”

He was sheer bliss and insatiable.

Katya had come to realize that she loved three vastly different brothers.

She loved them all - each in their own different way. God help her.

Great story and I never saw the ending coming the way it did, just brilliant. I couldn't put this book down I was totally pulled into Katya’s life and her new found sexual experiences. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Really good.

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