Friday 2 January 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Afterlife (Afterlife Saga) by Stephanie Hudson

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

I was recommended this book by my daughter Donna. She had heard good things about it and passed it onto me as I do love a good paranormal book and I have got to say this book is awesome.

It weaves an incredible story and I loved the way I was kept guessing till virtually the end as to who and what one of the main
characters was, a certain Dominic Draven Mr Mystery himself personified.

The other main character is a young woman by the name of Keira, who has a very troubled past and was trying to put her life back together by moving from England to America to live with her older sister Libby who had married an American and moved to New Hampshire to be with him.

The story begins with Keira's life at her sisters and her new beginning. Keira wanted to go back to college and while out shopping with her sister she meets R J, a student at the college that Keira was going to. They hit it off straight away and R J invited Keira to come meet up with her friends and her so that she won't be the total new girl at college. They all arrange to go to the local nightclub called Afterlife which was owned by the elusive Dravens. It was the place to go especially when the Dravens hit town which was not often.

The Dravens kept their life a mystery and because of the extraordinary good looks of the elder Draven, Dominic, people flocked
to the nightclub when they were in town hoping he would notice them and to invite them up to their very private bar upstairs.

On the first night R J took Keira to Afterlife it happened to be the night the Dravens were there and while the Dravens made their way across the floor to go upstairs to their bar Dominic spotted Keira . It was a very intense look that Keira felt from him while it lasted.

After they moved upstairs R J and her friends couldn't get over how Dominic had actually noticed Keira as normally he kept his sight decidedly forward so as to not look at anyone. Keira didn't know what had hit her with that look it certainly left a deep
impression with her.

After that night Keira was having very intense dreams where Dominic was prominently in them and the one word that was coming through loud and clear was
As it happened her brother in law had arranged a job for Keira at Afterlife as a waitress as she had done bar work back in England which her sister was not very happy about as she didn't like the club much but Keira was looking forward to getting back to work again, but it also put her in the Draven's vicinity.
Keiras dreams were getting more frequent with Dominic seeming to want to spend time with her and the ending was always the same
His hand would find its way to the back of my neck and it
would send ripples of desire down my spine. My body
would arch upwards, slightly in response. His big strong
hand would hold all the back of my head and entwine his
fingers through my hair. I was glad I was unable to speak
as every fibre in my body wanted to let out a moan. He
would then lean his face to mine as though we were one
and his lips would gently touch mine, but he did not kiss me.
He just held them there slightly making contact. Then he
would whisper ...
"Sleep my Electus, sleep for me." And once more I would obey...
but when it seemed that life was getting better for Keira her past was catching up with her. Her nightmares began again, and this is where this story really kicks in, and Dominic's and Keira's romance hots up.
I quivered under his touch, unable to help the storm
of emotions that took over. I had waited what felt like
an eternity for this moment and if I had dreamt of it
every night for all time, it still wouldn't have come
close to the Heaven he took me to. I couldn't stop
my hands lifting to anchor his face to mine by holding
his neck. I never wanted this feeling to end and I think
if I had died right now, then I would have died knowing
the true meaning of lost in lust, faith in fate,happiness in
hope and finally, locked in love.
This is truly a very good book and I hope you will enjoy it is much as I. It is a real page turner and totally engrossing. I will certainly be following up with this saga to see how Dominic and Keira get on with their life. Brilliant book Ms Hudson.
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