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Blog Tour ~ Excerpt, Review & Giveaway ~ The Limbo Series by Andrea Smith

Book 1 - Silent Whisper

Book Description: 

Parrish Locke is 27 years old, a successful model with a gorgeous boyfriend, and a loft in Manhattan. Little does she know that during a photo shoot in Chester, West Virginia, an unfortunate car accident will change her life . . . forever. Parrish discovers she's gifted in a very special way, and thus begins a suspense-filled journey that unravels secrets and mysteries from the past. Once her journey ends, it is just the beginning for Parrish, because only she holds the key that will bridge the past to the present, and allow wrongs to be righted from beyond. From mafia capos, to steamy romance, to solving the unsolved, her journey is one that provides the blueprint for her future--one she never imagined possible.


"Baby," he said softly, "My life is what it is. I grew up knowing what I was and what I would always be, the same as my father, and his father before him in Sicily. It's not a career choice; it's simply a way of life that I was born into. But I can promise you that I will never allow you to become part of it. I will make sure that you are never at risk, and that you have no reason to be concerned about your safety or culpability in anything. Do you understand?"

His dark brown eyes were studying me, wanting to make sure that I knew he was my protector in all of this.

I swallowed nervously under his perusal, and nodded.

And that night, Dominic loved me with a passion that had been absent before, though I never would've guessed that he had been holding anything back. It was different that night. Haunting yet exciting at the same time and it felt dangerous.

It might've been because of our earlier mutual declaration of love; or it might've been because I now knew the extent of this man's power, along with his promise to be my protector. So let's face it, his power, along with his passion for me was a potent aphrodisiac for this girl from Chester, West Virginia.

But it also might've been because Dominic didn't permit me to put my diaphragm in before we hit the sheets that night.

"No Karlie," he said, pulling me gently back to him as I started for the bathroom to do what I always did before sex. His fingers tilted my chin, forcing me to gaze into his dark eyes.

"Not tonight. Not anymore."

And I didn't argue because it would've been pointless. Dominic had made up his mind as to what he wanted, and it was something that apparently he wanted from me.

A child.

He had never gone into detail as to the specifics, but I'd gotten the impression that having children was important to Dominic. He had never elaborated as to why they had no children, and I didn't think it was my place to ask.

After that night, I knew it was a conversation that we needed to have. Bringing Dominic Castellano's child into this world was something I wasn't sure that I could ever do.

And it had nothing to do with the fact that he was married. It was because having his child meant that he or she would be born into the same life that he had been born into, and his ancestors before him.

While I loved this man, I couldn't fathom allowing a child of mine to follow in those kinds of footsteps, and I wasn't all that sure that I'd have a choice in the matter.

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Book 2 - Clouds in My Coffee

Book Description: 

When Parrish Locke, a 27 year-old fashion model, discovers she has a gift, she wishes it was the type that could be returned. That's not the case. You see, under the right circumstances, Parrish can help "stalled souls" pass beyond the pearly gates. That's right - she can communicate with their spirits. Well actually, she can do more than that, she can re-live the circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths, and as a result, right some wrongs along the way.

Clouds In My Coffee finds Parrish back in the 1970's, in a small Wyoming town where a high school cheerleader died as a result of a car accident one snowy night. But Parrish knows that isn't what really happened. After forty years, how will she convince authorities there is more to the story?

Enter Marco Trevani, Jr., a handsome, somewhat arrogant FBI agent that Parrish's father calls in to assist his gifted daughter. The chemistry between them is undeniable. But there's another surprise in store for Parrish.

One relationship fizzles, while another one sizzles!

Our Review: 

**ARC received for honest review**

Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

This is the second book in the Limbo series and I have to say is my favourite so far. This series is becoming highly addicting and I cannot wait to see what happens with Parrish going forward.

Clouds In My Coffee weaves a tale of past and present. The present is where we start with Parrish, she is staying with her father, slowly building that relationship that she never had and you can tell that these two are going to be tight. It is beautiful to watch as this turn of events is healing to both of them. If one good thing ever came out of their past it is this. Parrish is still coming to terms with her “power” and is apprehensive about her future assignments, but with her mother coming to her in her dreams she realises that she is stronger than she thinks and this “power” is a gift and she can use it to help those in limbo cross to the other side.

The latest assignment that Parrish is sent on is that of a young cheerleader called CeCe, she died in the 70’s and it is now up to Parrish to connect with her and find out the real chain of events that lead to her death. There must be a reason as to why she hasn’t crossed and it is now up to Parrish to find out what really happened and put the wrongs to rights. The blast to the past was a great read, the music and the setting bringing the scenes to life and made them easy to picture. I love the music from this era and found myself listening along as I read.

When Parrish connects with CeCe we are transported back to the 70’s and a beautiful yet heart-breaking story of young love, a love perhaps born too young. CeCe and Erik came from an impoverished back ground but it never shaped them as people. Although they were young they had that connection, but sometimes life gets in the way. With their interests taking different directions it slowly drifts them apart and at times I was heartbroken. It was easy to see that these two were meant for each other but sometimes pride comes first and what you see before you is clouded by insecurities and poor judgement. 

“All I have now are regrets and guilt over what I might’ve done to change things. And what might have been if I had.”

Parrish has to fight for this cold case to be re-opened and it is up to her to convince an FBI agent of her abilities. I mean, telling an FBI agent that you can talk to and see the life of a dead person is no mean feat and it takes a lot of convincing, it also helps that their fathers share a past and with the backing of her father and some interesting facts thrown in, Marco the said FBI agent is finally on side.

I loved the introduction of Marco, not only was he a sexy Italian stallion but he was just what Parrish needed. He literally breathed life into her and it was great to see her transform before your eyes. Their constant banter had me smiling from ear to ear at times and laughing out loud, yet their chemistry was sizzling hot. It is their relationship that really brought this story to life and made for a captivating read. It also helps that Andrea can write a mean love scene and these scenes really brought their relationship to life. Even though they are both unsure of what it is they feel, you can sense that connection and I cannot wait to see more from these two.

“You, my friend, are nothing more than a distant memory for her; a lapse in her judgment that I’ve managed to rectify with my cock…”

I was totally invested in this story, both past and present. CeCe and Erik’s story was captivating from start to finish and I couldn’t wait to see if the real culprit finally got their just desserts. I experienced a plethora of emotions ranging from like, to love, to hate, to despair, to hope, to happiness, to love and some huge sighs and swoons. This book was perfectly balanced with the suspense and intrigue and with the romantic interest both between CeCe and Erik and Parrish and Marco. I also love the way Andrea wraps these stories with the final connection at the end and it always brings their story full circle.

“Take care of your heart.”

I hope that Andrea continues with this series because I want to see Parrish happy in herself and feel that if any man is up to it then Marco is it. This could be the beginning of a deadly crime fighting duo and those hiding criminals...be scared. This series reminds me of Quantum Leap and I loved that TV show, it's a unique idea and Andrea executed this one brilliantly.

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About the Author:

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author Andrea Smith has a wicked sense of humor. No matter the genre, she is able to infuse laughter throughout.

Andrea is an Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio. She is the mother of two sons, and through the years has always held on to her dream of publishing fiction.

Andrea Smith is the author of "Past Tense Future Perfect" (formerly published as the Baby series), The G-Man series (Diamond Girl, Love Plus One, Night Moves, G-Men Holiday Wrap, and Taz) "These Men" (Novella that was part of an 8-author Erotica Consortium compilation entitled Bend).

Ms. Smith writes contemporary romance with suspense, mystery and an erotic tone.


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