Friday 6 March 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

This story is a gritty paranormal with a sensual touch. In it is a human detective with the Atlanta PD, who is after a serial killer his name is Detective Todd Brooks. During his investigation he comes in contact with a very beautiful woman, whose name is Cara Maloan a singer in a local club. It seems that the murders have been done at the hand of a woman and Cora was a suspect in them. The only thing wrong with that assumption was that Todd was hoping against hope that she wasn't as he was insanely attracted to Cora even to the point of hungering for her.

Cora was having problems of her own which she was doing her best to sort out. What she didn't need was to be a suspect in a string of murders, that she had definitely not done and also the attraction she was feeling every time she came in contact with a certain detective going by the name of Todd Brooks, which was complicating her life enormously, because in him she felt the promise of hot, wild sex, something she could well do without in her life at this moment in time.

Suspect or not these two did give in to their attraction for each other as it just overwhelmed them both, and the first time they could spend some together it was hot

“When his lips met hers again, her mouth was open. Ready. The kiss wasn't as soft this time, and she was glad. She could taste the hunger on his lips, his tongue. A hunger that matched her own. “

Cora knew she had to walk away from Todd but her body and feelings was telling her a different story and one she was having a job to deny.

Todd could not get her out of mind, even in his vivid dreams he was having. He couldn't wait until her name was completely cleared from the investigation as in his heart of hearts he knew Cora was innocent, and the attraction he felt for her was so strong it couldn't be denied.

They finally had a break with the murder case and Todd’s partner Colin Gyth and the Captain of the precinct agreed that Cora was not the one they were looking for. At last they could be together. So he went to the club she was singing in to catch up with her, he had to be with her, his feelings were so strong and if he wasn't wrong, Cora felt the same way about him.

 It was so good being together, no one around at last; they had the privacy they craved… 

“He bucked beneath her, roared his release and the driving power of his lust pounded powerfully in the heart that drummed just below her hand. The sensual power broke free. As they climaxed, as the pleasure lashed their bodies, the feelings magnified. They shuddered, gasped.”

 The sex was so good between them. Something Todd had never felt before. She was his goddess. Even though things between Todd and Cora were finally coming together Todd still had the job of finding a killer and with the help of his partner Colin he was determined to do it and as fast as he could because he had heard a whisper that the killer could be after Cora and that was definitely not going to happen.

 A really great read. Loved all the characters in the story, especially how they all gelled together to make a fascinating tale of the evil that's out there.

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