Friday 20 March 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Midnight's Master (Midnight 3) by Cynthia Eden

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This exciting story is one very sexy, steamy read with lots going on in it.

It is about the Other - the supernaturals who walk the streets in Atlanta, and a pretty red haired reporter by the name of Holly Storm and the owner of a club called Paradise Found, who is a level ten demon called Niol Lapen, a handsome, powerful and sexy being.

These two were being drawn together through a spate of murders, demons being killed that were known to both Holly and Niol and it was while Holly was investigating these murders that their hot attraction that these two felt for each other became known.

Slowly it built, from them both admitting it to each other, when Niol gave Holly a lift home.

“His fingers slid down her cheek. Feathered over her lips. Her mouth parted and her breath rasped over his fingertips. Their eyes were still locked. "Holly Storm," he whispered, "You want me."

Still looking at her Niol said.

"You want me," he continued, voice lowering, "but you're scared of me."

Holly smiled.

"Course I'm scared, Niol."

moving closer to him with only an inch between their mouths.

"Knowing what you are, I'd be a fool if I wasn't scared as hell."

Holly made her escape after making sure he knew she wasn't going to be there for him just for sex and he warned her to be careful, not to do the reporting on the killings as it could be dangerous for her, but Holly was not backing away much to Niol's annoyance, but he knew he couldn't just walk away from her. When she was in his arms she fitted him perfectly, she felt right in his arms, but with Holly being human it was not going to be easy for them.

After hearing something bad had happened to Holly, Niol had to make sure she was OK and went to her house to see her and on seeing her he just had to kiss her

“The kiss became harder, deeper. The man kissed oh so well. He knew just how to move his mouth, how to slide his tongue, and how to demand a response that she was only too ready to give.”

Niol got to Holly every time he looked at her. His eyes were midnight pools - too tempting, but she couldn't resist him. The more they got to know each other, the deeper and hotter their relationship became.

“Her nails dug into his shoulders. “If you don't take me, I might have to hurt you." He laughed as a real jolt of surprise rocked him. Her legs wrapped around his hips and laughter died. Her creamy opening rubbed against his cock. A slight adjustment, then - Then he shoved into her, so deep that her sheath rippled around the full length of his cock. So deep that his balls slammed against her. So deep that it was fucking perfect.”

With Holly’s and Niol's love affair getting steamier by the minute and danger everywhere around them this book makes one unputdownable read. Great writing Ms Eden loving these books.

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