Friday 13 March 2015

Review ~ Confess by Colleen Hoover

Review by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“I’ve never wanted to do the wrong thing so much in my entire life.”

I really don’t know where to start this review, I am confused. The first 50% of this book I loved, the last chapter I adored, the middle I personally thought lost its way a little. The first 50% and the last chapter screamed Colleen Hoover, the middle bit I didn’t recognise, hence my confusion.

I loved how this book started, it was raw and it was emotional and what a way to suck you in to a story. I loved that the confessions were real even though sometimes they hurt to read knowing that someone actually went through them, kudos to those people that shared them. While I can appreciate that they are anonymous and that those people probably felt a weight was lifted off their shoulders by sharing, personally it was not something I could have been brave enough to do but it is these confessions that added that extra layer to the story. The artwork is truly beautiful and really brought this book to life. It would have been hard to imagine the vivid paintings that Colleen Hoover describes without those beautiful pieces to really hammer home the extent of Owen’s artistry. Danny O’Connor who provided the artwork is truly talented and is one artist I will now be looking out for.

“It’s not a confession if no one reads it. It’s just an unshared secret.”

I have to admit I did find it hard to connect to Auburn. I appreciate that she was stuck between a rock and a hard place but the choices that she made really annoyed me at times. I appreciate that she was young and naïve but if it weren’t for some of those choices the second half of the book would have probably taken a totally different direction. There are bullies in this world, we all know that but how Auburn was manipulated by people that should have had her best interests at heart were shocking and left a particularly sour taste in my mouth. I actually felt “hate” in a Colleen book and I think that is a first.

Owen Mason Gentry, OMG, I loved this guy. He was all Colleen Hoover, he was a typical CoHo leading man and he delivered in spades and it was him that kept my interest firmly piqued. He was an enigma, he was artistic, he had that flair but he was also really reserved, he had that mysterious edge about him yet once he found Auburn he became exposed. When a CoHo man falls, he falls hard and our OMG was no exception. He himself was vulnerable, his heart was fragile, he was a loner but he was beautiful inside and out. He pulled at my heart strings and I loved him.

“You better stop pouting. And doubting.”

While I didn’t love love love this book, I still loved it. CoHo always manages to pull you in and not let you go to the end and even though I found myself flailing in that middle section the pull of the story still kept me page turning, I wanted to see what happened and I wanted to see how and what the connection that Owen alludes to materialise. I did have an inkling but how that last chapter was woven into the rest of the story really made me believe in fate. Some may say it was convenient and to an extent they would be correct but I pictured that last chapter in my head and it was beautiful, I felt it all. I also would have loved to have seen Auburn and Owen together more throughout the story, I think that this would have helped with the character connection on both sides and would have further enhanced their story.

“That could be fate, you know.”

In summary this is still a great read, while I had issues with it in parts you may not but I have to give my honest opinion, but it is just that, my opinion. I have loved all of Colleen’s books so it pains me that this one didn’t hit the spot but this book still has those flashes of Colleen Hoover magic.

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