Sunday 8 March 2015

Review ~ Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey #2) by Sawyer Bennett

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

“Please don’t punish me for caring.”

I was eagerly anticipating reading Garrett’s story after reading about him in Alex, he had already made an impression on me and even at the end of Alex I was itching to get my hands on his story.

Garrett always came across as a jack the lad type player in Alex and in essence he was, but he hadn’t yet met the one. I have to say that once he had met that woman that made him weak at the knees, Garrett changed, literally a complete 180. He was smitten and he literally turned a corner over night and once Garrett goes in, he goes all in. He went in, eyes wide open, with his total heart, body and soul and it was beautiful to read and she made him fight for it.

“I’m just figuring out that maybe he wants something more than a notch with you.”

Garrett Samuelson is living the life he loves, he loves hockey, he lives and breathes it and nothing compares to the thrill and the rush that he feels when he is on the ice. He has money, great friends and can get any woman he wants, in fact they throw themselves at him. What is not to love about his life? He isn’t looking for love at all but sometimes fate has other ideas…

Olivia is Sutton’s cousin and Sutton has dragged her out to a hockey social event much to her disgust. Olivia is gorgeous, a bit hippy but she is fun, sweet and carefree. Her mum having been a hippy at heart has had a lasting effect on Olivia, so that fun carefree attitude is exuded from her and being a florist harbours her creative side.  Olivia is not looking for love either, she has a lot on things going on at the moment that make her reticent to jump into anything, it wouldn’t be fair to her or the man and because she is that kind of person she decides to remain to single.

Olivia however didn’t count on the persistence of Garrett! Even though Sutton had declared her off limits, Garrett wasn’t listening, he had felt the pull, he had felt that connection and no woman had ever made him feel this way before. He knew Olivia was different, she was worth the fight, she was worth changing for.

I love this series, there is something about hockey players…but also Sawyer Bennett makes the reads fun as well as romantic and emotional, the books are perfectly balanced to give you that all round read. I adored Garrett, he was everything I knew he was and wasn’t.  At heart he was a romantic and he came across as extremely emotional, something I never expected. He was strong and he was brave but he really cared, he felt with his heart and soul and the battle scars he wears just by being with Olivia were exposed with intensity and had me in tears.

“Have you ever  wondered what it is that could cause a man like me to give up his philandering ways and only have eyes for one very hot and sexy woman?…You are an easy woman to be with right now. The easiest I’ve ever been with.”

“Hey, don’t hold it against me that I hopped in the sack with you on our first date,” I tease.

“No…I’m not talking about sex. I mean everything with you is easy. Conversation, humour, silence. I don’t feel like I’m putting on a performance with you, and I know you don’t need me to. You like me for me, and I like you because of that.”

Olivia was a strong character, she was dealing with a lot but sometimes I could have just smacked her one, unfortunately I did not have the same character connection with her as I did Garrett, I just didn’t click with her and I didn’t feel the emotion I should have felt, and that is the only reason for my four stars. Her best friend Stevie, the gay boss/best friend was such a character and I hope to see a lot more of him going forward. The bromance he built with Garrett was endearing but he was the best, best friend a person could have.

“Fear then controlled me…it made me it’s bitch.”

Next up is Zack and I cannot wait to read his book, especially after what has already transpired.

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