Sunday 17 May 2015

Review ~ Spencer by Kerry Heavens

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars

“Spencer Ryan is not a man you fall in love with. He’s a man who can rock your world for as long as you can resist the urge to stab him. And when the urge finally gets too much, you walk away before you get yourself a criminal record.”

Well this was a surprise after Kerry Heavens’ last series. This was full of fun, humour and a big dose of hot, hot, hot. It was an easy, light, refreshing and palate cleansing read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, had plenty of laugh out loud moments with some great characters and a fab story line to boot. If you have had a dark or emotional read, this book is the perfect pick me up. After what I had read, this was just what the doctor ordered.

Spencer Ryan…he was vain, he was cocky, he was arrogant, he was a flirt, had a huge ego and he was a twitter whore. He lived his life for tweeting with a bevy of beauties that couldn’t keep their tweets away from him. He lived his life on social media, lived for social media and gave the other twitter whores, just what they wanted. He flirted like hell, was a lover of selfies, but he could back it up…he was drop dead gorgeous and he knew it. Spencer was the kind of character that you would normally dislike but there was something about him that actually made me love him. The more the story went on you saw underneath that cocky bravado and actually the real @TheSpencerRyan was a great guy underneath, he just needed to be uncovered.

“SPENCER @TheSpencerRyan - I took a hot shower this morning. It’s like a regular shower, but it had me in it.”

You would think that with thousands of followers and all this flirting Spencer would have no trouble finding a girlfriend, but he knew that behind all these tweets were girls that had no self respect, they were OK for the odd one night stand but so far no-one had managed to grab his attention. That was until he met “Shoegirl,” our Spencer has a shoe fetish and this girl knew how to push his buttons.

Jazz was the complete opposite of Spencer, she was working in a job she was good at, she didn’t take fools gladly and was a bit feisty. Her main loves were her best friend, chocolate and shoes!! Jazz was definitely a shoe whore, she was lucky her best mate Mags was rich and her cast offs always made their way onto Jazz’s feet. Jimmy Choo‘s, Loboutins, she had them all.

“This girl is amazing though; curvy, beautiful and she hates me. The deadliest of combinations.”

Jazz bumped into this super hot dude at the sandwich counter in the supermarket, after telling Mags and Mags doing a bit of digging, it turns out that hot dude is none other than @TheSpencerRyan and so begins the flirting game and it was so much fun.

“Maybe when he takes off his Clark Kent glasses and rips open the shirt, he’s ‘Super-Disappointment.’ Slower than a speeding bullet, nowhere near as powerful as a locomotive, able to deliver a less than satisfying sexual experience in a single thrust.”

The banter and tweets that these two shared and with Mags adding her two penneth had me in stitches at times. With social media being used so heavily in this day and age it was only a matter of time before someone went there and created a book around finding love on social media. This is what made this book so entertaining and thoroughly believable, I could imagine it happening.

These two had such a push and pull relationship, it certainly was love/hate, but between all the barbs and digs if they weren’t arguing they were screwing each others brains out. Despite “hating” each other they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and I have say while normally this would give you whip lash it was highly entertaining and just made their relationship all the more real.

“I’m telling you Mags, he lifted me up and held me there and fucked me for a bit. Then he casually walked across the room to the dressing table, put me down, STILL IN ME and carried on!! I felt like a fucking parrot on a perch!”

This book was highly entertaining, I loved it. The flirting and back and forth with their “frenemies with benefits” relationship had me laughing at every opportunity but also made for a page turning read that I just couldn’t put down. It was fun; it was flirty and incredibly addictive. I hope that Kerry Heavens continues with these characters, Will and Mags should get their own story and perhaps through them we get to see more of Spencer and Jazz, I am sure that there will be more high jinks in store for these two.

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