Friday 19 June 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Hungry Like the Wolf (S.W.A.T Book 1) by Paige Tyler

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

What a brilliant first book to start off what could be a superb series. Hot, hot males and one very determined woman. The woman in this book is one Mackenzie Stone, a journalist with a Dallas newspaper. One very intrepid lady, nothing was too frightening to Mackenzie as long as she got to the truth and a good story and in this book she was onto the SWAT team. She was following a tip who had said they, the team, had to be on enhancement drugs to do what they had done to him, it wasn't normal.

The SWAT team in question was full of very hot guys. Very tall, with broad shoulders, huge biceps and they were very good looking, but unbeknown to Mackenzie they did have a secret to hide just not the one she thought but one they would keep secret at all costs. Wherever there was a dangerous situation, the local PD called in the SWAT team and they got it sorted quickly, efficiently and in their way.

The book really starts with Mackenzie and her fellow photographer chasing after the team onto one of their call outs. Mackenzie being Mackenzie wasn't content in looking from a safe distance, she has to go in closer and manages to get into trouble needing one of the team to extricate her and then taking her to safety all in the presence of the team leader, Sergeant Gage Dixon.

When meeting him all Mackenzie noticed was...

“His big muscles and mesmerizing eyes. Dark hair, chiselled jaw, and sensuous mouth, he was downright devastating. She was especially captivated by his eyes. They were the color of dark honey. Or maybe fine whiskey. Either way, it was too easy to get lost in their depths.”

He had her, knowing she had been snooping for a story and called her out on it. During the conversation it turned to flirting between them and the most surprising thing was Gage inviting Mackenzie to the compound so that she could look round and write her story which when the rest of the team found out he had given her permission to do this, they were not happy about it.

The story also tells you how tight the team are or pack as Gage thinks of them. These characters are entertaining in what they come out with and give the story depth.

The attraction between Gage and Mackenzie builds especially when Gage gets a proper look at Mackenzie...

“She was supermodel beautiful with long, shiny hair, curves in all the right places and a killer smile that could make a man do stupid things.”

But he had to be careful around her; he had to protect his pack. It starts off with a dinner date at a very expensive restaurant, with a lot of leg rubbing and footsie under the table, which made Mackenzie quite hot and bothered, he brought out her inner seductress and Gage reciprocated.

“Gage made slow, little circles on her knee with his finger. He never ventured more than an inch or two up her thigh-even though she silently prayed he would - but it still felt heavenly. The tingling she'd felt before had disappeared, replaced by a warm rush of heat between her thighs.”

And at the end progressing to a smouldering...

“Gage took her slowly, sliding his thickness deep with steady; even strokes that made her whole body tremble. He moved in and out of her over and over, and the whole time, he gazed down at her with those vivid gold eyes.

This story is not short of plenty of action, not only between Gage and Mackenzie but with everything going on surrounding the SWAT team and also the danger facing Mackenzie and with one very bad individual causing a lot of grief for one and all.

I really enjoyed this book; it kept my interest from start to finish. Great bit of writing Ms Tyler.

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