Friday 12 June 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Inherited Thorns (The Empathetic Enchantments Series #1) by Sammie Sidelinger

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 stars
 ***ARC received for an honest review***

This is the debut novel from Sammie Sidelinger and is a series which I feel could be one to follow. Although this is a slow build once the book gained momentum it was a page turner.

This book is about Aver Randall, an empathetic warlock, who, when trouble occurs in the warlock clans is sent out as an enforcer to sort out the problem and give out any justice needed. Aver is an Native American with an ancient curse which beleaguers every male in his family and because of this he feels he cannot in any way have any sort of relationship with any woman which has made him a love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy which has left him with a bit of a reputation with the ladies.

The beginning of this book goes into poor Avers life. When growing up it was very difficult for him and his brothers because of the curse, it shows that Aver is a very different shape shifter that we normally read about, but luckily he has his brother Ash sharing it with him, they are very close. In the story you read of his meeting with Haven. Haven is a witch, an enchantress, and for the first time in Avers life he cannot read her emotions, but he has emotions galore for her and very X rated they are to.

Being in a bar with his best friend Blaze, Haven walks into the room and Avers libido shoots up. Blaze noticing his interest teases him, but Aver cannot take his eyes off Haven.

“I noticed how her ass rounded out her jeans just the way I liked it. Her jeans set low on her waist. The deadly combination of a sassy mouth and a nice ass has me shaking my head; I'd never daydreamed of a woman in my life. What the hell's wrong with me?”

 ...which in the end only caused him trouble, but one part of it was good by being near her

“She twirled around, her soft red hair grazed my cheek. Her scent permeated my nostrils and caressed my blood, similar to a scorching fire. She smelled of a mix between amber, black linen and brown sugar, the sweetness rested on my tongue teasing me. Our energies reached out for each other. A spark of recognition within her flooded my senses; the draw between us became magnetic.”

You read of Avers very erotic thoughts about Haven. She was his obsession. That day he was given a mission by his boss Malcome to go and sort out the warlock clan, the Emerald Oaks, who were breaking laws right left and centre. Aver was glad of the diversion, it helped to keep on dwelling about Haven, and how she was out of his league, or so he thought.

Haven is one beautiful, sexy red head. Strong, with gorgeous green eyes and the coven of witches she is in looks up to her to lead them. The story will show just how good Haven and her coven are at confrontation. This coven are not the typical witches that we read about, and on hearing about Aver being taken by Katana, the leader of the Emerald Oaks, Haven goes in and confronts him...

"I claim Him! That asshole's mine to do what I wish to him".

...which leads to all sorts of trouble for everyone involved, but she got Aver away from Katana and now he was hers to do what she liked, which wasn't good news for poor Aver. During this time, Haven, having Aver in close proximity sees another side of him. He is still the man who just loved giving out the sexual innuendos that she knew, even being in cuffs and chains didn't put the man down.

"Do you feel the need for the chains and handcuffs in the shower? I'm kinky but if you aren't coming I don't see the point," I teased

Haven was not totally immune to it...

"Seduction's your gift, you make me question everything I knew or felt. Bet you would have the same effect on a nun." Haven commented.

Trouble came knocking on Havens door in the guise of Katana. This man is one evil, dirty individual, who caused the loss of one of Havens best friends. Devastated by this she turns to Aver and their attraction for each other was not going to be denied any longer...

“We matched each other thrust for thrust, slamming our bodies together vigorously. Needing release, I couldn't wait to see her come undone.

"I'm going to come Aver."

Arching her back she trembled on release. Her legs weak and quivered, still wrapped around me.

For a first novel this has all the potential of being a very good series. This book gives you the background of things to come. Avers sexual, erotic thoughts are really out there. I always wondered what went through a guy’s mind when he sees an attractive woman, now I know. Phew, ice cold showers needed here I think ha ha.
Good first novel Ms Sidelinger, keep them coming.

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