Friday 3 July 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Bitter Bite by Erin M Leaf

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

Here is a brand new novelette by Ms Leaf. It has everything you would expect from this very accomplished author. It is very erotic, unusual content and well written. This book is about three very different people or being in the case of the vampire, who come together and find that love is the greatest bond of all.

The first of these three is Alaric, a five hundred year old vampire who is on a hundred year old mission and whenever he is in this place he likes to visit the local church. This is where he first comes into contact with our second person, Gideon, an ex-priest, who has lost his faith and was having a hard time getting to grip with the feelings that are surging round his mind, and then there is the third, a beautiful person inside and out and her name is Hannah.

Gideon has known Hannah for a long time, firstly when he was a priest when he taught in her school and secondly when he had left the priesthood he bumped into her and helped her find lodgings and work. In all the time Gideon has known Hannah he has had the biggest lustful feelings towards her, wanting her right from the beginning, and Hannah whom everyone who saw her thought her to be an innocent, but Hannah knew different, she had a secret that she wanted no one to ever find out.

All three come together through their meeting with Alaric. Alaric had been alone for the majority of his years and when he first met Gideon he accidently touched him and through that slight touch realised that something unbelievable had happened he had met his consort. He was astounded.

“Consorts are for the young vamps. Not for me.”

...even though he had to fight his instincts to follow Gideon he let him go. Unbeknown to him, Gideon had not gone far. He was trying to work out the feelings he felt for this total stranger and by doing so witnessed something that turned his world upside down but even so he couldn't turn away he was attracted to this stranger like no other and also he was in love with another person.

It all came together when they all met up for the first time together in the club that Gideon and Hannah worked in. You will read of Hannah’s inner turmoil every time she is around Gideon, even though she has had feelings for him since she first saw him in her classroom and of Gideon still not being able to get over the age gap between them and also of Alaric who meeting his not one but two consorts could not of come at a worst time.

It shows of the highly sexual arousal these three can evoke with one and other and as for sweet Hannah seeing Gideon and Alaric kissing one and other puts her libido through the roof and as it was for the men when they all enjoyed her charms. These men knew what they were on about and Hannah didn't know what had hit her. It was hot erotic lovemaking all round, Hannah could not get enough...

“Hannah's orgasm abruptly crashed through her, like a hot wave across her skin and down her spine. She shuddered, screaming as the pleasure whipped at her body and mind like it kept going and going. As if from a long way off, she sensed her body thrashing around helplessly.”

As Hannah slept Gideon and Alaric talked, the bond all three shared getting stronger but the evil outside was still there and had to be extinguished.

Thoroughly enjoyed the story loved the three persons coming from different walks of life made it that bit different. Full marks Ms Leaf you have done it again.

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