Saturday 25 July 2015

Review ~ Against the Tide by Nikki Groom

Reviewed by Donna ~3.5 stars
***ARC given for an honest review***

“I’m done fighting against the tide, it’s time to move with it.”

I do love a love/hate relationship and this one is a good one, all that pent up aggression and frustration just spills over into some of the hottest and most passionate scenes whereby you cannot help but go PHEW! Nikki Groom really captures that sentiment in this book and what I loved the most was that you knew deep down that these two actually fancied the pants off each other and really they were incredibly well suited. In this book it is circumstances and situations that fuel that love/hate, whereas if they had met another time or another place you knew that things would have progressed totally differently.

Megan works at a tattoo parlour and has been with her boyfriend for five years but he does his thing and she does hers, even though they are “together” they are not really and have not been for quite a while. These two have drifted apart and their ideals and aspirations are totally opposite from one another. Megan knows that it is time to move on but he is not an easy man to get away from. One night though all that changes, Megan is finally given the kick that she needs to make that break and this is also the same night that she finally gets to speak to the man that has captured her attention for the past few months…their eyes have always found each others and that is as far as it has gone…but that night…club…alleyway…HOT!!

“…I don’t know who stole your fun, but I’m going to give it back to you.”

Finn is a mechanic and to be honest his life is a bit of a mess at the moment, he spends all his waking moments trying to look after his terminally ill mum and his little sister. He does anything and everything he can to keep his mum and sister comfortable; they are his main focus in life. On the rare nights when he unwinds he goes to a club, this is THE club where he sees her…their eyes always connect as if they seek each other of their own accord. There is something about her, something that cannot keep his eyes away, but she has always been an enigma, someone he looks at but never touches, never talks to, but he wants to.

“…it’s like he sings in a pitch that only I can hear. I know he’s there before I see him…”

Their paths cross and this is where this story really begins and from this point I cannot say anything more, you need to read it and experience it for yourself. This book does contain plots that revolve around drug abuse in the beginning and the fall out thereafter.

I have to say I was hooked while reading this book, the song and dance and push and pull was perfectly written capturing that will they won’t they feeling as their story progresses. I felt their chemistry and it oozed off the page and it is this that has you championing these two from the beginning. There is a fair amount of drama and angst but at no time did I feel it was too much. It all had its purpose. I loved the secondary characters as well, Kyle and Harley had me itching for their story, especially Harley, and I bet his will be a hoot if the author takes that route. Torran was also an enigma; I want to know more about him too…I am sure that secretly he has a bit of a crush on Megan.

“I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred different worlds.”

For me, this would have been a solid 4 star read had I not felt it was rushed at the end and while I loved the epilogue I felt that it still left some doors open and I didn’t really feel that their story had come full circle. This maybe because it will be continued in the other characters stories?? I just felt a bit empty at the end. But overall I loved it and I hope that their will be more from this series. I loved that it was set in the UK and loved the typically British dialogue. This was my first read by Nikki Groom and it won’t be my last.

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