Friday 21 August 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Burn (The Dark In You series #1) by Suzanne Wright

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This book is one very erotic read, but also has a brilliant story; it is intriguing and will keep you turning the pages until you reach the big surprise that you will find at the end. This book is different from other demon books I have read as it tells you of the complexities of the demon world. The different Primes who are the leaders of their own lairs, who look out for and protect and police the demons within the lair, although not all Primes do this it seems.

This story is about two powerful demons, but in different ways. One is Knox Thorne, a Prime, but a very powerful and intimidating demon. He is one very complicated character, verrry deep. He is constantly in the company of his sentinels, who are there to protect him; their names are Levi, Tanner, Keenan and Larkin. Levi happens to be a friend as well as his personal guard as they had known each other for centuries. Knox was a business man, very wealthy with a chain of different enterprises to his name. He also is the demon who created the club Underground. A club where demons can be themselves and do what demons does best, away from the human population of Las Vegas. He has a reputation of being dangerous, calculated, notoriously sexual and lived by his own rules and it was rumoured that he had a very dangerous gift he could call on if he needed it, and being one very good looking guy.

The other main character is Harper Wallis, although when looking at her petite frame and beautiful features no one would think that she was powerful in her own right. People tended to get the wrong idea about her as she was brought up in a lair of Imps whose Prime Jolene happens to be Harpers grandmother. Harper runs her own Tattoo parlour with two friends who mostly catered to the humans, and was quite successful at it. It was while she was out with her family that Harper was first noticed by Knox in his club Underground. Knox felt he just had to meet this intriguing woman, and asked two of his sentinels to bring her to his office.

When Harper first met Knox, the first thing she felt was the power that exuded from him and when she met the intensity of his gaze.

“Her body instantly responded. Molten lust licked at her, making her breasts ache, her nipples harden, and every inch of her skin suddenly fell hypersensitive. Well, shit.”

She was not prepared when meeting the real thing instead of the rumours that circulated about him.

“He radiated alpha energy, projected a raw sexual magnetism that would make any girl sensually starving.”

He was dangerous.

Knox’s inner demon was very interested in Harper which surprised Knox as over the centuries it had become easily bored with the women that came into Knox's life, and there were more surprises in store for both of them when meeting Harper, one very big surprise. The attraction between Knox and Harper was very strong, although Harper did her best to fight it, but Knox had other ideas, slowly and surely he gained her trust. He felt protective and possessive of her, in his mind she was Mine.

Their relationship goes from one hot encounter to blistering lovemaking quite rapidly after Harper concedes defeat and admits to the highly sexual feelings she has for Knox, and Knox is one very experienced lover who had a gift that drove Harper into a sexual frenzy every time he used it in their lovemaking.

When Knox looked at Harper all that came to his mind was

“She was so fucking sensual and responsive. So fucking his. He bit the curve of her breast, sure to leave a mark.”

This is a well written erotic book with a brilliant story that keeps your attention right the way through until the end. I loved it. Well done Ms Wright.

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