Tuesday 18 August 2015

Review ~ Heart Breaker (The Heart Breaker Series #1) by Cole Saint Jaimes

Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“...it’s time for it to be over. Time for us both to cut our losses and run, or finally face up to the nasty shit from our past.”

I do love finding new authors and even rarer these days are male authors, so when I was friend requested and asked to read, I really couldn’t say no. Check out Cole Saint Jaimes Facebook Page, you can thank me later ;-)

For a debut author this book was really good, it is short at 126 pages but it is the start of a serial. I loved the authors writing style and it didn’t feel amateur at all. It is captivating and will pull you in from the very beginning.

This book is about Essie. Essie lived with her brother, they didn’t have much, but what they did have they worked hard for and they were both totally reliant on each other. They have always been there for each through the absence of parents and were as tight as a brother and sister could be, their bond was unbreakable. When the unthinkable happens, Essie’s life is decimated and after picking herself up, her mind is solely focused on revenge.

“She’s beautiful. She’s messed up. She’s broken, and the sad, shitty thing is that I’m not whole enough to fix her.”

I have to say I loved Aidan, he was a free spirit, and he had left his life behind him, left the fortune and left the family that drained him emotionally. He did not want to be a part of that life anymore so found himself in Hawaii, surfing and teaching, doing what he wanted and more importantly earning his own money. When life throws a curve ball, he is forced to return to the life he left behind and begrudgingly he goes knowing employees are now relying on him, but one thing about Aidan was he was selfless, he looked out for others, he was a genuinely great guy, and you couldn’t help but not love him.

There is a fine line between love and hate and you will be surprised at how driving hatred and revenge can be. While I thought this quest for revenge was totally misguided I could understand where it was coming from and unfortunately grief has a way of marring your common sense. But when the person you are supposed to hate turns out to not be the person you thought, what does the mind do? What does that person do?

“Hatred is a curious thing. It feeds you, threatens to completely overwhelm you, yet at the same time, it leaves you feeling hollow. Hungry. It encases you, enshrouds you, but you never feel warm, never feel protected. It’s an empty thing, yet it can completely consume you, demanding you never forgive, never forget.”

I wish that these two had met sooner so that we would have had more of an inkling as to what is going to happen going forward but this book is more laying the background and the circumstances surrounding these two characters. Little breadcrumbs have been dropped and I have my suspicions, so I cannot wait to see how this situation is going to pan out. Cole Saint Jaimes does a great job in drawing you into this story and unfortunately it ended all too soon, but I will be itching to get my hands on the next instalment.

“It won’t just be his end. It will be mine too.”


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