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Exclusive Interview and Signed Paperback Giveaway ~ Quiet Lies by RL Griffin

On November 12th RL Griffin released her latest book Quiet Lies, it is one of those books where once you have finished reading you are like WTF have I just read. I love those kind of books and you don't really come across those that often. It was a book that I thought about for days after, weeks even and there was one character that always haunted my thoughts, his name was Bash. Well as a treat for all you lovely readers The Romance Cover were given an audience with Bash and we tried to grill him on your behalf, but as we know he can be a cocky son-of-a-bitch so we will leave you to make your own mind up...does this reek of sincerity or is this just atypical Bash talking?

Book Description:

I was broken before I met Sebastian Pryor, but he decimated me. I swept the ashes of myself into a pile that I kept safe for thirteen years. Believe me it wasn’t pretty, oh but people thought we were perfect. I hate myself most days. I hate that I feel for him as much as I loathe who I’ve become with him. This story is hard to hear. You know what the worst part is? You’ll see part of you in me. You’ll hate that. You won’t tell anyone.

My story is about cracks. A description or telling of how cracks in a marriage, a life, a personality, a heart and a mind begin and continue for years without anyone knowing. You don't always see what causes the fissure, but you feel it. Can you remember who you were before all of this started, before your life became a jumble of deceit, longing and regret?

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a happily ever after.

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a fun time out from their life.

This book isn’t for anyone, but me.

This is my story. I won’t apologize for it.

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The Romance Cover (TRC) ~ So I’m here with Sebastian Pryor, Junior, one of the youngest lawyers in Charleston. You’ve really made a name for yourself. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.

Bash ~ Well, I know there are a lot of questions about me after what all was said about my father, so I thought maybe I could clear the air a bit. Also, my firm told me it would be good PR so, I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

TRC ~ So Bash, people call you Bash, right?

~ Yes. No one ever calls me Sebastian.

TRCHow would you describe your childhood?

Bash ~ I think I had a pretty typical childhood up until the part that has already been out in the media for so long. My mom tried to shelter me my entire life until my dad made that impossible. She was a great mom. I remember we all went to Disney World one year and she hated crowds, I mean like would have an anxiety attack if she was around that many people, but she did everything I wanted. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had and she made that happen for me. My dad worked a lot and my mom stayed home, I was pretty lucky, all things considered.

TRC ~ How did you feel with regards to your father and how everything went down and panned out?

Bash ~ (clears throat) Listen, we’re all born into a family we can’t choose. I couldn’t choose my father. I loved him. He protected me. He laughed with me. He played ball with me. He turned out to be someone that I didn’t know until I was in middle school. My mom has wanted me to get counseling so many times about all this, but I just think that was the lot I was dealt. He did things that most people wouldn’t do. He really trapped my mom, but even now I don’t know to what extent because my mom tries to protect me from all of that. He really ruined her. I hope she gets better.

TRC ~ How is your mom?

Bash ~ Well I went to see her on my birthday and she seemed worse, honestly. I know to expect ups and downs, but I am hoping she can come out the other side of this thing.

TRC ~ How would you describe your relationship with your mom?

Bash ~ My mom isn’t there anymore, it’s like a shell of a person. She was so full of life when I was younger. She sang to me, told me stories and now when she looks at it’s like she’s looking right through me.

TRC ~ Did you ever feel different from your friends?

Bash ~ Honestly, I’m so busy right now I don’t have time for friends, but when I was growing up? Yes. I felt different.

TRC ~ Did you ever tell anyone about that? Your mom?

Bash ~ My dad and I talked about things all the time before he died. He really was able to explain things to me my mother had no idea about.

TRC ~ Do you mean about being a man and boy stuff?

Bash ~ Not really, it’s just my dad was different with me and he could tell I was different.

TRC ~ Okay...So you were named one of the sexiest bachelors of Charleston this year. You are twenty-five, a lawyer and independently wealthy, anyone special in your life?

Bash ~ Well, I just met a woman that I’m extremely interested in, but if you mean a girlfriend, not yet. I’m willing to be by the time this article comes out, I will though. I tend to get what I want.

TRC ~ It was widely publicized after your father died that your mother suffered for years under him, but you seem to have a pretty good memory of him.

Bash ~ I was the one who told my mom to leave. Do you think she would have ever left him if it wasn’t for me? I can answer that, she wouldn’t have. I saved her, don’t you get it? I just didn’t do it in time. I wish I would’ve done it earlier and then maybe she wouldn’t be where she is now.

TRC ~ Any word on when she gets out?

Bash ~ We had a bit of a setback, but hopefully soon.

TRC ~ Your record in the courtroom for your age is actually astonishing and your reputation precedes you.

Bash ~ Thank you. As an attorney you can’t have emotions. You have to leave that at the door. It’s really about analyzing the bottom line and I am the best at that. I wouldn’t doubt if my name is on the door in a few years time. My goal is to be the youngest named partner at Hatcher, Mills and Stephens and I always get what I want.

TRC ~ So, what is next for you Bash?

Bash ~ (laughs) Kate. Kate is next. I will be named partner and hopefully people will stop comparing me to a man that has been in the grave for over ten years. I’m better than him, at everything.

TRC ~ Well, Bash it has been great talking to you, thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to alleviate everyone's misconceptions and good luck on making partner, also good luck to Kate, she'll need it (winks).


If you missed Donna's review we have included it below.

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
“Some of the lies we tell hurt, some soothe, some chip away at who we really are and some can break entire nations.”

This was one of those books that once I had finished I had to really think and think hard. I had many emotions swirling around my brain and none of them really made sense. I was so angry at the end and never have I ever wished for karma as bad as I did after finishing this book. This book is filled with many intricacies and it was only when I had reached the end that the little puzzle pieces that are littered throughout this book finally paint a final picture and it was here that I said…that was bloody clever. So clever in fact, I had to read it again and it was then after a second read that I could really appreciate just how convoluted and cunning this story actually was.

“My days are full of me planning for after he dies and my nights are full of refusing to sleep in order to make sure he doesn’t kill me first.”

RL Griffin is one of the most versatile authors I know, she has tried her hand at many genres and each book I have loved for very different reasons. You can tell she writes from the heart and she goes with the flow at whatever and whoever is currently shouting loudest. I admire her courage in going with those voices, there is no cookie cutter present here, her stories always have their uniqueness and you literally never know what you are going to read until you start.

I have read about many marriages throughout my obsessive reading habit and none have been on the same level as the Pryor’s. This couple deserve their own pedestal, seriously…but what would the plinth say? Most fucked up couple ever? They say that seeing is believing but even though this was the written word, so vivid were the words I actually lived this book. I may have been looking from the outside in but that did not diminish the punch that this book packed.

“When did you start thinking what you wanted matters?”

Rebecca Pryor was a woman that was the master of disguise. She had been living a lie for so long that even she could not determine what was real and what was not and it was this unreliability that really makes you question every single word you read. Whether it be the past or the present, could a couple really live like this? They say that no-one knows what happens behind closed doors and that is certainly the truth here, Rebecca Pryor had a truly miserable life, so miserable in fact I cried for her, I begged her to put herself first, but every time it looked like she could finally do it, life came along and knocked her back on her arse. Life is bloody cruel sometimes and Rebecca Pryor bore the brunt.

“I have been the perfect wife. The perfect mother. The perfect pawn. The perfect disaster. The perfect basket case.”

To the outside world, she had everything, the house, the car, the clothes, the husband and the adorable kid even the bloody dog but looks can be deceiving. Rebecca wore her stepford wife mask well, maybe too well. Women were envious of her, but they truly had nothing to be envious about. I empathised, I sympathised, I just wanted to bash her head against a brick wall and knock some sense into her but at the end of the day she had been battered enough, her life was a constant battle, especially mentally, and this woman desperately needed a break. Would life be that cruel to not afford her one?

“We are a fa├žade that he created just so that he looked the part of whatever the fuck he thought the part needed to be.”

Sebastian Pryor is the epitome of charming, he has the looks, the mannerisms and the vocabulary to turn everything around to his favour. He is a master manipulator; he is sly, cunning and totally self-absorbed. He is and will always be number one and was so narcissistic it was as if he was the definition of the word. I hated him, like seriously hated him but then on the flip side I was totally intrigued by him…I tried to get in his head but it wasn’t pleasant, you try to comprehend why he is the way he is, but it is beyond comprehension. Sebastian Pryor is just that, Sebastian Pryor…he truly was one of a kind…or is he?

“He can’t love anyone. He can’t love me.”

This book rocked me to my core, the twists, the deviousness of both parties, the betrayals, it was sick, it was fascinating, it was unfathomable, it was understandable, it was a book of contradictions…you shouldn’t love it, but you can’t help it. This book was like crack, you had to frantically turn the pages to get your next hit…the high wears off and then you are plunged to the depths of despair until the next one comes along.

“…I love it when the white powder falls from the sky, especially in the spring, and covers everything coaxing us to believe that world is serene. However, a white covering on shit is still shit.”

To think that this whole book was the result of listening to one song was unimaginable and makes me wonder about the state of RL Griffin’s some lyrics brought forth the story of a sociopath that literally has your stomach churning, your heart in your mouth and your brain desperately trying to catch up.

“It was a life of quiet lies, unfulfilled promises and failed attempts to be something I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted.”
As you can tell, this is not really a story that you can really discuss without spoiling everything, so all I will say is read it. It’s not pretty, nothing is sugar coated but it is flawlessly written, intriguing and captivating. The words will hold you hostage till the end and then you will get it…that WTF, that Oh My Shit, that was freaking genius. Hats off to RL Griffin for going there and once again I am loving her diversity, her unpredictability and admiring the growth in her writing. A fantastic mind blowing read and highly recommended.

Signed paperback copy of Quiet Lies (open internationally)

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