Friday 11 December 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ A Shade of Dragon (A Shade of Dragon #1) by Bella Forrest

Book Description:

Nineteen year old Penelope "Nell" O'Hara is geared up for the worst Christmas of her life. The guy she's been dating just dumped her for her best friend, and all she has to look forward to over the break is a stay in Beggar's Hole--a tiny frozen town on the coast of Maine--with her retired father, his latest masseuse girlfriend and her brattish fourteen year old son.

But one night, after storming out of dinner to take a brooding walk among the rocks, a misstep on the ice causes Nell's Christmas to take rather a different turn... She would have died, were it not for a mysterious, heat-exuding hero arriving out of nowhere to scoop her up in his arms, and warm and dry her body.

Coming to, Nell finds herself staring up into a pair of deep gold eyes. Eyes belonging to a man who is quite unlike any she's seen before. His features are chiseled yet sensual, exotic but somber, like something beautiful and wild threatened by extinction. All of six and a half feet tall, and two hundred plus pounds of pure muscle, her savior introduces himself as Theon Aena. His mere touch sends heat surging through her body, reaching down into her fingers and toes, even fluttering from her hair follicles, and his proximity to her brings about strange shudders of pleasure.

After a twist of fate causes her to cross paths with Theon again, Nell's drab, frozen Christmas soon spirals into a firestorm of passion, romance, revelations, and danger...
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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

After being thoroughly enthralled with the Shade of Vampire series by Ms Forrest I had to try this, her new book and I was utterly charmed. This book is about trust and also to lose all thoughts of everything you thought you knew of this world only to be shown there is so much more out there.

You feel for the main character Penelope or Nell as she is better known as after experiencing unhappiness in her childhood as only a child can feel when it concerns her parents, it has left her leery of forming attachments to anyone especially any romantic expectations and as a very pretty nineteen-year-old this is sad.

The story starts with her returning to her home town to spend Christmas with her dad and his fiancĂ© and her fourteen-year-old child. Nell had been away for three years as she had been living with her mother in DC but no sooner had she got to her father’s new home, a beach fronted house, she finds herself in an argument with him about her mother and stormed out of the house. She decides to walk along the beach which leads to her fateful meeting with Theon Aena. A gorgeous, sensual exotic looking man which made her heart quicken, but her deep rooted mistrust is very hard to overcome.

The meeting of these two is quite dramatic and there the story unfolds. It is a slow unfolding of mutual attraction and of Nell being able to trust again in a man. It has an other worldly feel about it with Theon, and it is beautiful how he does his best to overcome Nell’s resistance.

I don't want to spoil the enjoyment for other readers so I won’t say much more, but this piece in the book gives you heart.

“Suddenly motivated to express my love, my devotion, I sprang onto the tips of my toes and wrapped my fingers around the back of his thick neck, pulling him down to my lips and revelling in another salty, burning kiss. His arms wrapped around my body and held me close and I was in an inferno again. I was battered by waves again.”

There are outside influences which gives the story a twist you don't see coming in this heart-warming book, and I am sure other readers will love this book as much as I did. It makes you wonder where this story of Theon and Nell will take you I can’t wait to find out. 

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