Friday 1 January 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Bear Home for Christmas by Ariana Hawkes

Are you missing Christmas already? Well today's review is a Christmas Bear Shifter Novel and it is only 99c.

Book Description:

Wrap yourself up in a smoking-hot bear shifter romance this Christmas!

Orphaned Noelle Hollis has nowhere to go for the festive season. A half-baked plan has brought her to the small town of Northwood on a freezing, snowy night two days before Christmas. When it comes to nothing, leaving her cold, lonely, and mad at herself, she breaks down in a cafe.

Ex-soldier and bear shifter Granger Sullivan is on his way home for Christmas, but first he’s determined to track down his wayward brother, who’s run away from their parents. While having a pitstop in a cafe, he runs into a beautiful, yet distressed girl. He only intends to comfort her, but he’s quickly drawn to her sparky personality and sexy curves.

A snowstorm puts Granger’s plans on hold, but has the side-effect of throwing the two of them together. Will Noelle be able to put her misgivings about people aside and trust that Granger really wants her? And will Granger be able to convince her that he wants to take care of her - not just for Christmas, but furrever!

A sweet, sexy and heartwarming story about loss, redemption and family reunion, perfect for the holidays!

This is a standalone, short, sweet, and steamy read, perfect for a lunch break, bath time, or a little dose of me-time, wherever you are. HEA and no cliffhanger!

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This a beautiful but steamy short story to put you in the mood for Christmas.
The woman that is depicted in the book is Noelle who has had a bit of a rough deal in life since she had lost her beloved parents and after a rather toxic, disastrous relationship leaving her totally worn down. Noelle decides she could not face Christmas on her own like she had spent so many in the past. With her house mates all gone for the holiday period she decides on a whim to return to the family home she had spent many happy years growing up.

Noelle had not been home for nearly twelve years only to find her foster parents had moved on leaving no forwarding address. Depressed and feeling very down she makes her way to a nearby café to get out of the wintry weather to think where she would go from here. Ordering a much needed coffee, turning, to make her way to a table she bumps into a stranger and that is where this lovely story begins.

Granger has come home to spend Christmas with his family. Having served his time he had been discharged from the army and is looking forward to spending quality time with his parents, something he hasn't been able to do in a very long time, and being a bear shifter family was everything. Still in his uniform he was a sight for sore eyes, very tall, muscular and very handsome he caught many a woman’s eye.

At the serving counter was where they met with Noelle stepping on Grangers foot. Noelle couldn't help but notice even in her depressed state how gorgeous the man was that she was apologising to and as for Granger he couldn't help but feel a pull towards the beautiful woman with her long hair and expressive grey eyes standing in front of him.

You will read how mutual attraction and the trust in a stranger can really become something good. With Granger making Noelle feel good in herself, something she hasn't felt for a very long time and how he made her blossom so he saw the real beauty that Noelle was. Their love started slow and gentle but it soon heated up as they got to know each other more…

“She made a little sound - a moan, or a sigh, and began to kiss him more deeply, her tongue darting out and flickering between his lips. Tangling his hands in her hair, he pulled her closer, feeling that it wasn't just their lips that were mingling; it was their souls.”

They couldn't get enough of each other and with Grangers expert, sensual lovemaking Noelle could not deny that the attraction she felt for Granger went beyond anything she had ever felt before and so the when they managed to be alone again it was so hot.

“You feel so good inside me", she said, and instantly, it was as if a spring uncoiled inside him. His hips began to move, thrusting his big cock in and out of her, every movement setting her on fire. He moved faster and harder, alternating kissing her and burying his face in her neck. His breathing was harsh, somewhere between a growl and a purr.”

I loved this book, it had an endearing quality all of its own. A really great book for this time of year to bring back the magic of Christmas.

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