Wednesday 13 January 2016

Review ~ Walk of Shame (G-Men, Next Generation #1) by Andrea Smith

Book Description:

Easton and Darcy Matthews' oldest son, Weston, is now 21 and a senior in a prestigious, Ivy League College. He's a frat boy, hockey jock, and all around ladies man. He does have one problem though, he has to ace his Early American Lit class in order to graduate and stay eligible to play hockey for Hardwick University.

Weston is provided a tutor to help with his senior Lit class. Enter Penny Lane, also a senior at another local college, doing part-time status at Hardwick. She tutors to earn money, but her aspirations go far beyond just that. Penny is plain, nerdy, brilliant, and has a hidden agenda. She and Weston get off on the wrong foot, and from there, things will only get crazier.

You will get a chance to re-acquaint yourself with Easton and Darcy due to unfortunate circumstances that befall their younger daughter, Carson. Easton and Weston will have their moments, and a mysterious hook-up for Weston at a Halloween gala ball will have some smokin' hot ramifications.

Fasten your seat belts, and hold on for dear life as you take this roller-coaster ride on the Walk of Shame!

Adult Content; sexual situations, 18+
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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Own it. Say it out loud, say it proud, but stop playing games if you ever expect to be taken seriously.”

So…it is Weston’s turn…would this be a case of like father like son? I loved our Cocky Brit Easton, while he was reserved and aloof in his own way he had a great heart so I had great expectations for Weston. I have to say East and West…total opposites, however Weston was a perfect blend of both his parents, he had the best bits from both of them.

Weston on the outside seemed like the atypical rich jock. He was cocky, arrogant, loved himself, was a bit of a player and he was a star of the college hockey team. He was quick witted in a conceited way at times but this was a front, he played to the people he surrounded himself with but when he was alone or in this case in the company of a geeky tutor we got to meet the real Weston and he was a treat to read about.

Weston had failed his American Lit class the previous semester and needed to pass it. He was intelligent but this one subject matter just didn’t hold his interest until he was paired with a private tutor called Penny Lane.

Penny was a geek, but she had attitude when she needed it. She gave as good as she got and she had a lot of ammunition. She had been burned in the past and her misconceptions have led her to believe men are the enemy and she was doing a thesis to prove it. Would Weston be her latest experiment? Would he prove her statistics correct or would he be one of the men that broke the mould?

These two, after butting heads a few times do actually form a friendship surprisingly and Weston certain leaves Penny confused for a majority of the time. She soon sees through Weston’s façade and actually loves the man that she sees underneath. This is certainly going to be a lesson for both of them.

“And I watch as he stands up, gives me one last look, and then walks out of the room and, ultimately, out of my life.”

I have to admit that Penny was hard to like in the beginning…you will understand once you read but I cannot give too much away. However, I loved the way that Andrea Smith basically unwrapped her like a pass the parcel and as each layer was removed you ended up loving the Penny that was revealed underneath. As each layer was removed, you related, you understood and fairly soon you are chomping at the bit as her biggest supporter.

Weston was adorable, his wit had me in stitches at times and the banter was an extremely welcome addition to some fantastic dialogue. It is this relationship between the two of them that kept those pages frantically turning anxiously wondering how this was all going to pan out.

“Hey, Peyton…want to hear a joke about my dick? Aww, never mind. It’s too long.”

“Oh really. Well, do you want to hear a joke about my pussy? Never mind, Weston, you won’t get it.”

This was a hottie god meets geek with a difference and I welcomed the twist on the story that Andrea Smith delivered. I loved the relationship between both sets of roommates and I could actually see myself firmly amongst these bunch of friends.

I absolutely adored Carson, Weston’s sister and I am itching for her story. I am hoping that Andrea Smith can see it in her future to pen her story because I am sure that it will extremely interesting but most of all emotional. Some of us wear our scars and insecurities on the outside, but hers are firmly hidden.

I loved this book, not only was it a great college read but it was also a voyage of discovery for both Weston and Penny. Sometimes people cross your path for a reason and it is up to the individuals involved to realise and grab that opportunity with both hands. This book also went to show how peoples prejudices and misconceptions can cause you to pigeonhole people that certainly do not fit. Take time to get the know the person, make the effort and you may be surprised by what you find underneath. Fab book, loved it!

“I have just recently had first-hand experience with such manipulation and duplicity for the sole purpose of someone’s need to prove her moral and intellectual superiority over a male she evidently regarded as shallow, dispassionate, and undeserving of basic respect.”

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