Friday 12 February 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Sinfully Spellbound by Cassandra Lawson

Book Description:

While most mothers are worried about their adult children getting enough to eat, Allie’s succubus mom is worried about her having enough sex—and even Allie has to admit that six months without a man is too long. When she meets Dylan, a warlock with a history of avoiding commitment, he is a temptation she can’t resist. While Allie doesn’t trust warlocks, she knows this is one night only—no attachments and no emotions. Unfortunately, Dylan doesn’t agree with her plan to walk away, and Allie’s not sure how long she can resist the sexy warlock who could easily break her heart. 

Determined to avoid his mother’s attempts to get him to settle down with a nice witch, Dylan has kept his romantic involvements limited to casual affairs with humans. That is until a crazy bet leads to a night of unforgettable sex with a succubus, and Dylan knows one night isn’t enough. There is just one problem with his plan to pursue Allie—she doesn’t trust warlocks. With a killer targeting the local succubus community, Dylan has his hands full trying to keep Allie safe and convince her she can trust him with her heart. 

While this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This is the brand new series in a brand new year and what a book it is.

When I read this book the words that came to mind were sexy, very erotic, entertaining and humorous and a really good read which kept me burning the midnight oil. I couldn't devour it quick enough. I was so engrossed with the story and then fanning myself when Dylan and Allie got together. Whew.

The story starts with best friends Dylan and Trevor, both warlocks, and have their own business. They have totally different ways at looking at life and especially the women they date, but they are very close just like brothers and have a great camaraderie between them.

You have Trevor who wears his heart on his sleeve. He sees the best in every woman he has fallen in love with and then gets quickly disillusioned and hurt when they show their true colours. He is such a lovable character.

And then you have Dylan, our main male character, who is the exact opposite to Trevor. He is very leery of relationships of any kind and especially with witches. Who when they look at Dylan they see this very handsome, eligible bachelor and have marriage in their eyes, so he stays well away from them. He prefers one-night stands with human women, whom he tells upfront that that is all he is interested in in case they get the wrong idea. Not that that stopped the local single witches from fluttering around him wherever he went.

But that all changed the night he met Trevor’s good friend Allie, our main female character. Stunning is the word that came into Dylan’s mind, with a figure to die for which was showcased in a leather bustier dress. This was the first woman his body had an instant reaction to in a very long time. She totally blew his mind and when they got talking he found her irresistible and found himself taking on a bet with her and this is when this story starts to enfold.

The attraction between these two is palpable, it jumps from the pages, for instance the very first night they spent together was, Whoa

"I want you so much I ache everywhere, but I want you completely comfortable with this. When I'm with you, the only thing I want you thinking about is how incredible my tongue feels between your legs."

and as the story enfolds this attraction between Dylan and Allie goes from hot to blazing, phew.

""Oh Goddess!" I screamed. "OH, Dylan!" My orgasm was so intense it was near painful, but Dylan didn't slow down as I came around his dick. Instead, he changed tactics and began to move in and out of my body in steady strokes. As my brain became less fuzzy, I found myself clawing at his shoulders and lifting my hips to get more contact." 

It is so erotic but the story is not only about their sizzling relationship. You meet the Hunter on the very first page and he is bringing his own evil throughout the book, but on the lighter side you have to laugh at Allie's mother, that woman has a one track mind. She's adorable.

Brilliant book. It is a must read and I highly recommend it.

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