Tuesday 16 February 2016

Release Day Blitz & Review ~ Wild Aces by Marni Mann

Book Description:

Trapper Montgomery 

His darkness drew me in. 
A mystery with a past I wanted to solve. 
He was cold, like ice, but set me on fire. 
A heat I hadn't felt in ages. 
But when I saw his face, I burned... 
In mourning

Brea Bradley 

She melted from my voice--shuddered from my touch. 
But trembled from the memories 
That my face brought back. 
She wanted more... 
Maybe even him. 
I wasn't the hand she counted on. 
But I was what she was dealt...

A Wild Ace with no way to win

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Do whatever you’ve got to do to quiet the screams.”

Marni Mann was an author I found by accident one day while trawling Amazon and when I read her first book I fell in love with her voice, as more and more books are released, the growth in her writing has only made that addiction all the more addictive. One thing I love is that with a Marni Mann book you never know what you are going to get but you know that it is going to be extremely well written and engaging.

Trapper Montgomery will trap your hearts in Wild Aces. A boy who has been wronged his entire life turns his life around in this emotional story from Marni Mann, take a gamble on this poker player with a heart of gold, he is more than worth it. This book had me burning the midnight oil into the early hours of the morning. With a little suspense this book was perfectly balanced and had those pages frantically turning.

“There was something about him that I trusted, something deeper than our kiss and the words we’d spoken to each other.”

This book contains one of the most intense prologues I have ever read, what a way to pull you into a book. With tears streaming down my face I was worried just how this book was going to go, if that was the beginning what state would I be in by the end?

“We were all fucked up in our own way, all victims of some kind of tragedy, all trying to make it out alive in a world that got darker by the day.”

Brea was Frankie’s best friend so we have already met her in The Unblocked Collection, however this can definitely be read as a standalone. Brea had lost her partner a few years ago and still hadn’t really recovered. She was extremely closed off emotionally and the flashbacks she has of her life before do not help either, they haunt her. Frankie and Derek were having a masquerade party and begrudgingly Brea tags along, however a masked man with magical lips was the last thing on her mind but would be the only thing on her mind for days after.

“This didn’t feel like a first kiss. There was no awkwardness, no trying to establish a tempo, and no learning the places inside me. This was a kiss from a man who somehow already knew every inch of my body. I didn’t want him to stop.”

Brea was shocked of her behaviour with this masked man, she had never felt a connection like it since her last partner but there was something unmistakably familiar and settling about the man behind the mask. Finally willing to try to move on Brea embraces her feelings and throws herself into what the masked man has to offer.

The masked man was Trapper, he had learned early on that the only person he could depend upon was himself. His childhood had left him with an immense amount of baggage but it was baggage that he was slowly but surely unpacking. Through playing poker and his other extra-curricular activities Trapper was slowly righting some wrongs. Being a professional poker player had given him an outlet, but it seems he may have just found another…the woman behind the mask.

“Could she be the escape I found in poker, the silence I found in the cards.”

When Brea and Trapper next meet the masks are removed in more ways than one and herein begins the story. Marni Mann covers some tough subjects in this book but these are perfectly balanced with a little mystery and intrigue with some scorching hot chemistry that has the pages burning. The intense connection between Trapper and Brea was palpable and the intensity that Marni Mann manages to convey through their story was intense and believable. For two broken characters you will find yourself championing them along. These two have a lot to overcome once they finally found out who the other really is but while some may say it is a tad unbelievable, this is fiction and the author always has artistic licence. For me I read this as fates way of helping two emotionally broken characters find love and friendship when neither thought it would happen or deserved.

“Where did you go?”
“I got a little lost in your body…and then I completely vanished when I saw your dick.”

Once again I take my hat off to Marni Mann, this was an engaging, gripping, swoon worthy read that I couldn’t put down and once again I have to mention that Prologue…what a fantastic start to an amazing story. I cannot wait to see what Marni Mann pens next; I will be 1clicking for sure.

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