Friday 11 March 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ The Winter King (The Kings Book 8) by Heather Killough-Walden

Book Description:

“If you believe anything I tell you, believe this. You are my queen, therefore, you are my world. You are the most important piece on the chessboard. Everything I do from here on out will be about you. I will eat, sleep, and drink you. I will breathe you. And I will stop breathing without you… If you go, the game is lost.”

Far beyond the easy reaches of the mortal world lies a kingdom of ice and snow. Its glacier mountains reach the horizons of eons, and its cold, hard oceans paint the vastness of its world. It is terribly harsh, and terribly beautiful, and there is only one man capable of ruling from its frozen throne. He has ruled there alone for more than a thousand years.

But the Thirteen Kings are finding their fated queens, and though he’d all but lost hope he would count himself amongst their lucky numbers, the moment she walks into view, his frozen heart and soul are rekindled with by a fire that will melt through anything, even him.

Persephone Glacia Nix – “Poppy” – is a human warlock who has forced herself to fit in with the mortals around her, despite her inherent differences, despite her secret longings, and regardless of the very different way in which she sees the world. Her empathetic nature makes life better for others, but difficult for her. She’s come to accept this as the curse that accompanies the gift of understanding. However, when Kristopher Scaul approaches her on a dark street in a dark city on a cold night and introduces her to a world she at last feels “at home” in, Poppy must finally decide whether to continue faking it in the mortal world – or take her place on a second frozen throne, in the lonely but beautiful Kingdom of Winter. 

The Winter King is the eighth anticipated novel in the Big Bad Wolf spinoff series, The Kings, by NY Times and USA Todaybestselling author Heather Killough-Walden.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This is the latest book in this outstanding series. I have read each and every one, giving me hours of pleasure and delight seeing this series develop into what it is today. None of these books disappoint and this newest book is no different. 

The characters in this book are so interesting. Bringing to life the past, showing you mythology at its best. You are gripped into the story from the first page, bringing you along the enchanting world that makes up the Kingdom of Winter. 

The quick and hot romance of our two main characters whose fates were written in the stars come together in Seattle not knowing what was in front of them, a beautiful if dangerous path. 

Kristopher Scaul the blindingly handsome Winter King with his ice-blue eyes, dark blond hair and so tall and broad that when looking at him you could mistake him for Thor the god of thunder. 

Then you have Persephone Glacia Nix or as everyone who knows her goes by the name Poppy, a human warlock, quirky but beautiful whose life has been changing even before the fateful night that she first met this hot guy dressed like a biker who asked if she would have a coffee with him and that is where this story begins. 

As you will read, life will never be the same for Poppy or for Kristopher. He has waited over a thousand years for this day to arrive. Nothing comes easy for these two. Obstacles put in their path and danger surrounds them at every turn. If they are to be together they have to outwit the enemy that is out to destroy them. 

While reading this book I felt myself drawn to the lovely Poppy and the way she describes the handsome Kristopher’s sexy chuckle you can picture him in your mind so clearly. 

With everything that is going on around them they do manage to explore the strong attraction that these two share for each other. Drawn into each other’s arms and into Kristopher’s bed, with Kristopher making love to Poppy slowly, building her up to a frenzy and telling her 

"I love the noises you make," he told her, just as he had before. "I love the way you fight," he added. And then he nibbled her bottom lip and drove in deep once more as he said, "And I fucking love the way you feel wrapped tight as hell around me, Poppy Nix. I'm going to make sure it happens all the goddam time." 

I do not want to say much more as I do not wish to spoil this brilliant book from this exceptional series for any future readers but just to say enjoy and be prepared to burn the midnight oil as I am sure you will not be able to put this book down until you reach the final page. 

Brilliant book and series Ms Killough-Walden. I will eagerly be awaiting to read Book 9 in these intriguing stories of the Thirteen Kings.

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