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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review ~ Stout (Lovibond #2) by Georgia Cates

Book Description:

Craft beer and the sexy men who brew it.

A beautiful neighbor. A complete stranger. That’s all she was when I moved in next door.

Adelyn Maxwell is my neighbor but she’s no girl next door. The more I come to know her, the more I discover she’s a good girl with a lovely dark side. And maybe I don’t want her to stay on her side of the fence.

I want to disturb the rhythm of her pulse.

I want to see the way her hair spills on the bed when she lies beneath me.

I want her to teach me the dirty pretty things she desires behind closed doors. And she does.

But mostly I want to leave my mark on the most intimate, untouched part of her body. Her heart.

A seemingly insignificant intersection of our lives neither of us recalls suddenly becomes a pivotal moment in our future. We aren’t strangers at all. And our paths aren’t crossing for the first time.

These twists and turns of fate will become one of two things: a wrecking ball to tear us apart or the connection to bond us together forever.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“You were there when I needed you.”

This was one of those books that I deem a “cute” read, it had all the elements of a great romance with an added side of angst…not a lot, but enough. Georgia Cates always writes a swoon worthy male and Oliver Thorn aka Stout was no exception and with a heroine that knew what she wanted out of life and in the bedroom made for an easy read that I didn’t want to end.

Stout first appeared in Tap as one of the owners of the Lovibond brewery and now we get his story. Stout had been burned by love and now kept his heart well and truly guarded. After being betrayed by who he thought was his forever love he had jumped from bed to bed in a vain attempt at proving his virility, but he soon realised it was pointless and meaningless. Since his eureka moment he has just been biding his time patiently waiting to find “the one.” Lawry, Oliver’s sister, who we know from book one, Tap, persuades him to sell his bachelor pad and buy a house, on moving day, Stout becomes acquainted with his next door neighbour, one fiery redhead. Moving had never looked like such a great idea.

“If you’re going to be the man in her life, be the amazing man in her life. Be the strong one who puts her needs above your own.”

Adelyne, said fiery redhead, is a successful event planner and is a workaholic. Having moved away from home and the life of a preacher’s daughter she appreciated and needed her own life. Adelyne had also been burned by love and had been out of the field for years. She kept her secrets close to her chest and all men at arm’s length…that was until Oliver moved in next door. With a basket of baked goods their paths cross for the first time.

“He asked me to not defile you when five minutes prior you had sucked my dick and swallowed my cum. I can’t lie. I felt kinda bad about it.”

Georgia Cates delivers a romance that will have your heart warmed from the very beginning. Two people that are desperate to be loved and wanted while wanting the ability to trust completely. Two people perfectly suited on the outside and inside but have a little “problem” in the bedroom, our Adelyne is a little kinky and likes her men Alpha. Our Stout is manly in all the right places but has always appreciated the female form and is as gentle as they come. Stout needs to find the alpha within.

“Take me to your bedroom. Let’s experiment. Compromise.
…Trust me, Thorn. I’ll never ask you to hurt me; I don’t enjoy pain. But I like a firm grip.”

I loved their story and was truly rooting for them from the very beginning. I loved their relationship, their banter and it their relationship moved from friends to lovers at a believable pace. I loved their jealous tendencies and some of the banter from side characters had me in hysterics. I laughed and swooned a lot with these two. My only niggle was that some parts felt a little rushed. This was an endearing story that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. We have had Tap and Stout, now what will Porter have in store? Maybe an employee’s daughter?…not to be missed

“Falling in love feels like playing with fire, but Adelyn’s a flame I can’t resist. She may very well burn me alive because no man can stand in fire and not be consumed by it.”


Oliver Thorn’s POV

Adelyn is highly responsive to my touch. I expected sensitivity since she hasn’t had sex in so long, but she exceeded any and all of my expectations.

Bringing her to orgasm that easily was a beautiful thing. And it won’t be the last time I do it tonight.

“Shit, that was magnificent.” I press a kiss to her inner thigh but it’s only a brief goodbye. I plan to come back. Soon. And hopefully often if she’ll let me.

I crawl up her body, kissing the ivory skin over her stomach, breasts, neck. I’m glad she didn’t turn off the light like so many chicks do. And I’m happy she isn’t hiding her scars from me. I love looking at her; she’s stunning. The most beautiful redhead I’ve ever seen.

She presses her fingers to my lips. “I’ve been looking at this mouth for weeks wondering, fantasizing, about what it would feel like between my legs.”

“I hope I didn’t disappoint.”

She rubs her thumb over my bottom lip. “Not possible.”

Adelyn’s knees are bent, legs apart. Open invitation. My body presses against hers. Nothing between us. It would be so damn easy to forget the condom, enter her, and worry about the consequences later.

But of course that’s not what I do.

I stop and grab one of the condoms off the nightstand. Adelyn strains her neck to see over her tits and bites the end of her index finger as she watches me roll on the latex sheath. Her wide-eyed stare makes my cock even harder. Bigger. I feel like a fucking rock star. “Like what you see, Max?”

“I love what I see but I’d much rather feel it.”

“Good. It wants to feel you too.” I move from kneeling between her legs to pressing my body on top of hers. She parts her legs wide and my cock finds its way to her entrance without any guidance from my hand. No surprise there.

I slide into her easily so I go for the deep plunge. All the way. I love the sound of her gasp-then-moan in my ear.

I feel like I should give her a moment to acclimate to having a dick inside her for the first time in years, but I see it’s unnecessary when she tilts her hips to allow me deeper access.

“Fuck me, Thorn.” She trembles and closes her eyes tightly while biting her bottom lip.


I thought Adelyn would want it slow. Sweet. Gentle. I was prepared to give that to her. But she wants to fuck. Hard.

No complaints here. Can give her that.

I drive into her hard and with total domination. Every stroke deliberate. Fierce.

I move faster and thrust as deeply as her body will allow. Her legs circle my waist but we don’t stay like that long before I grab her thighs and push them back and apart. I move to my knees and sink into her so hard and deep she’ll be reminded all day tomorrow who was here inside her tonight.

She reaches for my arm and pulls, cueing me to lower my upper body. This position feels great for me but I guess it isn’t the best for her.

I heed her cue and lie down on top of her again. Her fingers follow the length of my arm until they find my hand. She grips my wrist and brings my palm to her neck.

It’s an odd position. I have to shift my body so my free arm bears the majority of my weight. No woman wants to be suffocated during sex.

“Don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, baby.” No way I’d stop. Being inside Adelyn Maxwell feels too fucking good.

She puts her hand on top of mine and places them both on her neck. Our eyes lock as I thrust in and out of her. “Squeeze it.”

How do I squeeze her hand when it’s on top of mine? “Huh?”

She repositions my palm around the side of her neck and presses my fingers and hand against her skin. “Hold me down. Own me. Show me I’m yours in this moment.”

I slow my thrusts despite how close I am to getting off. Because I’m confused about what’s happening here.

“Don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

I look at my hand, and Adelyn’s, wrapped around her throat. And then I gaze into those pleading hazel eyes. “It’s okay, Thorn. I want you to do it. I need you to.”

And it clicks.

Need? No one needs to be choked. And that’s what she’s asking me to do to her.

I can’t war with myself about this right now. I’m so close to coming. Fuck, I just want . . . to get off. Need it . . . so bad.

I lower my body and press my forehead against Adelyn’s, my hand still wrapped around her throat, as I slide in and out of her. She uses her hand to tighten my hold on her neck. “I want you to own me. Control me.”

I tighten my grip, holding Adelyn in place by her throat, and drive into her as I come harder than I have since . . . ever.

“I’m coming again. So fucking hard.” I feel the vibration of her vocal cords, and it’s a reality check. My hand is wrapped around her lifeline. Squeezing.

I plunge hard one last time and then sink over Adelyn when the condom is filled and I’m completely empty.

Fuck. I’ve never gotten off so hard. Never. But what in the hell just happened?

I lift my face from her shoulder. “What the fuck was that?”

“Our worlds colliding.” Adelyn grasps the back of my head and pulls me down. Her mouth takes complete possession of mine. Until she smiles and it breaks the contact between our lips. “That was sooo good.”

She’s happy.

I can’t argue it being good. Hell, it was fucking awesome. But my big hand was wrapped around her small throat. Squeezing. “Max. I was choking you while we fucked.”

About the Author:

Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.

Representation: All questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my books, inquiries regarding foreign translation and film rights should be directed to Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich.

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