Friday 6 May 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Blood Instinct (Blackthorn #6) by Lindsay J Pryor

Book Description:

‘I think what is inside of you triggers the worst of me’ 

Sophia McKay has always had a reckless streak, but falling for lycan leader Jask Tao gave her something to live for. Now, cursed with a serryn bloodline, a darkness inside Phia is awakening. A darkness she knows could prove deadly to those she loves most. 

Approaching a blue moon, Jask Tao and his pack are living close to the edge due to a delay getting the herbs required to stop their morphing. Worse still, the growing strength of Phia’s serryn powers are dangerously provoking the lycan in Jask. 

At a time when Jask and Phia need each other more than ever, their very passion has become a poison that puts both their lives at risk. 

With Sirius Throme, leader of the Global Council, on the verge of invading Blackthorn – working together is the only chance of survival. But Jask is holding on to a secret that could just blow everything apart. 

And so is Phia. 

Will the truth destroy them all?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

Once again everything you could wish for in a book. It is dark, compelling and thrilling with erotic but intimate loving interludes between Jask and his mate Sophia. The story ramps up as Blackthorn is fighting for its existence and its intensity keeps you turning the pages. Every main player in all the previous books are here, each having a role to play so that they can win the war against the T.S.C.D, especially Sirius Throme, a leader within its ranks is bringing against Blackthorn and the third species within it.

This is Jask’s and Sophia’s story against a backdrop of the evil outside Blackthorns walls and the darkness that is getting stronger within both of them. It makes for riveting reading but their love is strong and passionate and helps them climb above it.

“Her breathing increased as he thrust deeper, harder. He homed in on her fast-beating heart, her ragged breaths, her small groans of pleasure.”

…but they cannot deny that the Serryn inside Sophia was calling to the Lycan inside Jask and it was changing them making their lovemaking more intense.

It was trying to break her. It was trying to hurt her. Hurt his Sophia. And it was tempting Jask to be the one to inflict that hurt. To forge that gap. To betray their trust, their understanding, their love. To destroy what was precious between them.

I do not want to say any more as I do not want to spoil the book for other readers but get ready for a thrilling ride that will get you biting your knuckles as the story unfolds. It has it all in this book showing you the bestiality of man that turned my stomach while reading and they say the third species are animals…their mistake.

Lindsay, the book is utterly brilliant. Building the tension to a new high. I so love the characters in the Blackthorn series. You bring them to life like no other. Roll on Book 7 so that I can once again immerse myself in the awesome world of Blackthorn.


  1. Loved Blood Instinct too! This series is amazing. Fab review :-)

  2. This series has me hooked!

  3. Another 5 star read! Blood Instinct has it all! Lots of twists and turns as the plot progresses,and had me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I'm definitely a Blackthorn addict!