Friday 17 June 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Bloodrunner Dragon (Harper's Mountains Book 1) by T.S. Joyce

Book Description:

**Brand new standalone series from T. S. Joyce. Don’t miss the thrilling first book in Harper’s Mountains.** 

Harper Keller is a shifter on borrowed time. After failing to find her treasure, her inner dragon is desperate to find anything to connect with. When a plea for help comes through from an old flame, she puts her life on hold to track him down. But when she finds Wyatt, it’s obvious time has changed him. He isn’t the sweet and steady boy she grew up with anymore, but is now a dominant, rip-roaring grizzly shifter with alpha bloodlines and a mountain of secrets. He’s dug himself into a deep hole, and is surrounded by danger from all sides, and now Harper had a big decision to make. Save herself, or spend her final days saving the man who is laying claim to her heart. 

Wyatt James is on a mission to save the girl he left behind. He isn’t the man everyone thought he would be, and has been hiding from the people he cares about, including Harper. If she sees him now, she won’t recognize the monster he’s become, but if Wyatt wants a shot at saving her, he has to make his move. Drawing an ailing Bloodrunner Dragon in close will attract the predators though, so he has to be ready for anything. And as the danger that shadows his life grows thicker, he will have to risk everything he’s built to protect the dragon he loves. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is a very poignant story. They started out so young, full of life and love until something happened so heart breaking it wrenched them apart.

It is also a very loving and sensual story about two shifters, one is a grizzly bear who comes from a strong line of Alphas and his name is Wyatt. The other has dragon blood in her, equally as strong a line and her name is Harper.

Wyatt, because of an agonizing decision he had made has found himself a long way from the home he had always known and is now living a very harrowing life. All he had ever wanted to do was save the person who had meant the world to him. Until it all came tumbling down around him.

At his lowest ebb he reached out to the person he had always felt closest too. It had been ten years since he had seen or spoke to her but she was always on his mind. He sent her a text

“I miss you. I miss us. I miss who I was when I was with you. It's getting cold outside.”

And from this reaching out by Wyatt this story gathers momentum.

The recipient of this message is Harper. She is a dragon who is fighting a serious illness. Her dragon had not found the treasure she sought to keep them tethered to this world. When Harper received the text message from Wyatt memories came flooding back of a childhood that had been happy until something had drastically gone wrong for them. She did not know why after all this time Wyatt had reached out to her but she knew in her heart she was not going to turn her back on him. He had always meant so much to her.

Even with the sickness pressing down on her she left her home and went in search of him, and when she did find him she was shocked at what she saw which brought her dragon to the fore. Looking at Wyatt when things had calmed down she saw underneath the person who stood in front of her was the same Wyatt she had grown up with and had loved all these years.

The story takes you on Harper and Wyatt’s journey. It has ups and downs, challenges brought against them which are dangerous but through it all the spark deep inside them that has never diminished flares up again stronger than ever and when they truly connect again all Harper had going through her mind was Mine.

“Crying out with every thrust, clawing his back, she was lost to the intense pleasure he was building in her middle now. She felt everything so acutely. The tingling sensation in her centre, the tree bark against her back, the rightness of their connected bodies, the rasp of his short facial scruff against her neck, the beautiful burn of his teeth grazing her healing throat.”

I can see this brand new series being a hit going by this very enjoyable first book. It has love, adventure and a prophecy foretold to keep the reader fully involved and wanting to find out what happens next. I certainly will be reading Book 2 to see how Harper and Wyatt get on. Great writing.


  1. I have read all of TS Joyce books, great author and all her books are SUPER

  2. I have read all of TS Joyce books, great author and all her books are SUPER