Thursday 28 July 2016

Blog Tour & Review ~ Wicked Mafia Prince (A Dangerous Royals Romance #2) by Annika Martin

The most violent Dragusha a standalone romance HEA!

Book Description:

The most violent Dragusha a standalone romance HEA!


You were the love of my life.
Beautiful and radiant.
Then you betrayed our mafiya family—the only family we ever knew.
Grief-stricken, I did the honor killing.
Quick and vicious.
Your heart no longer beating. Mine ripped to shreds.
When I discovered you were innocent, I was destroyed. 

Now, years later—somehow, impossibly—there you are, alive.
The nun who prays and never shows her face.
Trapped on the other side of a webcam.
How can it be?
They think I’m obsessed. Imagining ghosts.
But I’ll always know you.
I'll always know my Tanechka.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“It starts with the stare. Ends in blood…”

Annika Martin delivers once again with Viktor’s story. While each book centres around one particular brother the continuing storyline throughout this series has me totally hooked. I love a good Mafia romance and with three extremely different and intriguing brothers this series is certainly a winner in my eyes.

In Dark Mafia Prince Viktor was the quiet one, he had that air of silent but deadly about him, was a man of few words and seemed more reactionary than a plotter and schemer, but that was where his brother, Aleksio levelled the playing field. While Aleksio could fight with the best of them, he had the head on his shoulders while Viktor was more the brawn and this certainly becomes apparent in Wicked Mafia Prince.

Viktor keeps himself to himself but those closest to him know that he is the way he is due to the loss of his long-time girlfriend, Tanechka. Viktor had to make the hardest decision of his life when it became apparent that the one person he thought he could trust with his life betrayed him. Tanechka was a turn coat and committed the ultimate betrayal. She was a trained assassin too, she was Viktor’s partner in crime, best friend, confidante and the love of his life. Having to kill Tanechka, killed a part of Viktor too and the guilt has been all-consuming ever since.

“I’m the man who will keep you from your god until you remember you’re a devil.”

So when Viktor thinks he sees Tanechka on a live feed on a human trafficking site, his friends are quick to dismiss it as a guilt induced ghost, but has Tanechka really come back from the dead?

Annika Martin once again delivers a story that has you constantly on the edge of your seat. With the hunt for Kiro continuing and the Mafia families still competing for supremacy will the brothers rise against what is turning out to be a formidable opponent?

I loved that we really got to see Viktor as a person rather than an assassin, his guilt with regards to the woman he loved and lost was palpable and his hurt bled off every page. Recounting their relationship through flashbacks tugged at every heart string, especially knowing how their story ended. Their bond was impenetrable; their love was endless but trust once broken in their line of work was always certainly a death sentence.

“It’s true – everything in my world changed when I met Tanechka. She showed me somebody could love me. And then she betrayed me, betrayed the gang. Or seemed to. I felt so wild when I thought she’d turned traitor…yet deep down it felt inevitable, too. I didn’t know she was innocent. And I killed her.”

Lazarus is still their deadly foe and while the hunt for Kiro is still open ended the net is closing in. I had to chuckle at Lazarus’s newest leadership guru, this gave some light entertainment in what was an intense read.

Annika Martin, I cannot wait for Savage Mafia Prince, this series has certainly become one of my favourite Mafia reads and I cannot wait to read the conclusion to the brother’s story. Kiro is definitely a character we know absolutely nothing about but the little background we have is certainly going to lead to another tense and intriguing read. Bring on October!!

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Release Date: October 11th

About the Author:

Annika Martin is a NYT bestselling author who enjoys writing dirty stories about dangerous criminals! She loves helping animals and kicking snow clumps off the bottom of cars around the streets of Minneapolis, and in her spare time she writes as the RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.


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