Friday 15 July 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Born of Magic (Gargoyle Masters #2) by Missy Jane

Book Description:

Guarding the kingdom is child’s play compared to guarding their hearts.

Gargoyle Masters, Book 2

As his month-long guard duty comes to an end, Master Wynnston should be looking forward to well-deserved time away from the king’s castle. Instead, he feels strangely reluctant to leave. When Zephara of the Pastelle race arrives, he realizes why.

The stunning, silver-eyed ambassador is the woman his heart, body, and soul have been waiting for. She’s also a powerful wizard who will endure the test of the Twenty. Wynn has never been afraid to woo a strong woman, but winning and keeping Zephara’s love will test him to the limit.

Meanwhile, pure chance has finally led Master Kephas to find the runaway Princess Theodora. But before he can return the frightened, skittish beauty to her father, he must win her trust—and her heart.

Physical strength will do Wynn and Kephas no good as they face their challenges. And two women will search deep within themselves for the strength, courage—and tenderness—to bring two powerful men to their knees.

Warning: If you’re looking for ugly stone creatures, move along—you won’t find them here. If you like hot, protective males who aren’t intimidated by strong, assertive females, settle in and turn the page.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This book is a book of two stories, with gentle sensual loving forming between two sets of striking couples. The first we read about is the meeting of Master Wynnston, gargoyle, protector of the Realm and the powerful wizard called Zephara of the Pastelle.

A stunning beauty who has come to the King's court to be tested for a place in the Twenty, which are the Kings personal wizards and the creators of the twelve immortal gargoyles. Master Wynnston or Wynn as he is mostly known by has stayed behind in the Kings castle after his months shift of duty had finished. He has been feeling restless for the past three days and had locked himself away mulling over it and it was when his brother Stein had finally persuaded him to come down to the feast the King was holding he found out why.

He was immediately drawn towards a mysterious woman who when introduced to her he was struck by her beauty and amazing eyes. She was Zephara. His immediate overwhelming reaction was to take her to his room. He hadn't craved a woman for himself so strongly before and he knew he had to get this woman as soon as possible.

For Zephara she felt his presence as soon as she walked into the room. She had been dreaming of this very strong and handsome man for a very long time. She was drawn to him on a primal level but was unsure of what he would think of her being a wizard. Her worry was for nothing for the attraction between these two was instant and on Zephara's request they were soon sharing a bed.

Just his touch on her skin was bliss to Zephara. Never had a man given her so much pleasure with his lovemaking. They both knew that this was more than one night of sex.

For Wynn their coupling affected him intensely.

“He pulled away from hiss kiss and found her breasts again. She screamed as he suckled and she tightened around him. That was all the prompting he needed to thrust faster and reach for his own pleasure. Within heartbeats he hollered her name and spent his seed deep within her.”

They were certainly going to explore this deep attraction more. For Wynn it brought out his possessive side and he never wanted to leave her side ever again.

The other couple that is mentioned in the book is Master Kephas another strong and handsome gargoyle, who had been given the task of looking for the King's estranged wife and daughter. News of a sighting of them had come to court and the King who had been searching for them for years was hoping that Kephas would be successful in finding them.

So Kephas started his quest travelling for many days when his journey brought across two people travelling in the opposite direction to him. Passing them he was stopped by a strong impulse to follow them and giving in to his instinct he did and that was how he met Theda.

Poor Theda had gone through a massive loss and was now on her own. Knowing she needed answers she was making her way to Halstrid. Her meeting with Kephas was eventful and after getting over her distrust of him agreed to have him accompany her on her journey. While talking, Theda mentioned about parting ways when she reached Halstrid, it brought on an intense reaction in Kephas and it was only when he touched Theda that it calmed him down.

Needing to protect Theda, Kaphas got them a room at an Inn for the night and it was there that the growing relationship between these two started. Theda's innocence and beauty lured Kephas with an unnamed need. He knew he had to keep this woman at all cost.

Theda had noticed how handsome Kephas was but in this room they shared she couldn't help but be drawn to the striking man and in a very erotic bathing scene Theda's sexual awakening began.

“"Oh, by the gods!"
That was all she got out before it hit her like the strongest wind, and nearly blew her over. She cried out and shuddered from head to toe as he continued to lap at her like a child's treat. Finally, she had to push at his head to stop the intense sensation, or she feared she'd collapse.”

This book is not only about the budding attraction between these two couples it is also about the journey they have to go through and the outside influences affecting them and all the people around them.

There is much more to this book and Zephana's twin brother Zephyr makes a very interesting and lovable character and I would love to read more about him. And with the evil Albain rearing his head you know there is going to be big trouble ahead.

Really loved the book. Such intriguing characters and story line keeping you glued to the pages from start to finish. This series is a sure fire winner for Ms Jane.

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