Sunday 31 July 2016

Review ~ Fleeting Moments by Bella Jewel


Book Description:

**New Standalone Romance** 

One single moment changes everything 
In one breath, you can have it all 
A split-second later, it can all disappear 
Vanished forever 

That was me 
I had it all 
Then in a cruel twist of fate, it was taken from me 
A beautiful life gone in a flash 

But he was there 
He was there to pick me up when I fell 
To protect me 
My savior. My rock. 

He was just a stranger 
Just a selfless stranger with a face I'll never forget 
Can't forget 
Won't forget 

And like everything else, he just disappeared 
As if he never existed 
I have to find him 
I need to find him 

He has to know that he saved me 
He has to know that in that one fleeting moment, he was all I could see 

**This book contains adult themes**

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 3 stars

“Life is a lie, Lucy girl. Deal with it.”

This was one of those books that had the potential to be a great book. Fleeting Moments had that element of mystery running through it, with some suspense and of course romance. Bella Jewel has created an intricate plot where for once I wanted more. With the amount of plotlines that were being juggled all at once I feel that the story would have benefitted from being expanded upon in certain areas so that the reader didn’t get too lost or detached from the story that was unfolding. But from the first page I was hooked, I couldn’t wait to read every page and find out if everything was as it seemed.

“Life is a series of fleeting moments. Moments that pass you by – sometimes without recognition. We let moments define us and other times we let them destroy us. Those moments can be small, or they can be momentous.”

Lucy was a woman that idolised her husband, but as time went on she felt as if she was a bit part in his world as he was forever putting work before her. She was lonely, felt abandoned and now being pregnant felt more and more alone. They had tried for a long time for a baby and Lucy was hoping that maybe this would give her husband, Gerard an incentive to spend more time at home, but alas no.

Having been let down once again, Lucy attends the game on her own. The game that Gerard had bought tickets for to surprise her, but once again he has to leave because of work. An event at the game changes the course of Lucy’s life and as she retells what happened, no-one believes her, including Gerard. Is Lucy going mad?

The stranger that saved Lucy was Hunter and he was an extremely welcome addition to this story. He was an enigma, a man that left no trace and was only around in fleeting moments. Was he a man that Lucy had imagined or did Hunter truly exist? The mystery surrounding Hunter is ramped up from the time they meet at the stadium and the intensity only builds the more and more this story continues.

“A fleeting moment. You go as fast as you came. Just a moment I can’t hang on to. Please let me hang on.”

I will say that Lucy and Gerard’s reactions and actions towards one another after the accident was a little hard to swallow. I can see both sides to the story but considering the picture already painted I would have thought that their past would have had a greater impact on their future. Gerard’s sister needed euthanasia and was one woman that I badly wanted to beat the ever loving hell out of. But as the age old saying goes, blood is thicker than water, I just wish that Gerard grew a backbone and put his sister in her place.

Lucy became a character that was hard to tolerate after the accident. While I empathised and sympathised with her situation in the beginning, the more she opened her mouth the more I was begging her to keep it shut. Sometimes silence says a thousand words and Lucy would have done well to heed that saying rather than get herself into situations and conversations that needn’t have happened.

“My moments defined me.
They took so much and yet returned the same.
They destroyed me.
But mostly, they created me.”

But that is the beauty of reading, characters react in these ways to give us entertainment and Lucy was certainly that. But the more you read you did see a totally different side to Lucy and while I saw this as the author trying to redeem her in the reader’s eyes, for me it was too little too late.

Hunter, whether real or not, really made this book for me. Trying to see the man behind the mask was intriguing in itself. I was desperate for his story and while we got little snippets it was never enough, I would have loved his POV at times especially when he opened up to the more sensitive and vulnerable side to his character. He was a man I was desperate to understand.

“He makes me feel okay again. Like the strongest drug, like the most beautiful lie.”

Overall, this was an intriguing read and as I said above, one where I desperately wanted a little more. It was a quick read and for something as plot driven as this one another fifty plus pages would have made a huge difference. A great, quick read none the less though.

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