Sunday 17 July 2016

Review ~ Reckless Abandon by Jeannine Colette

Book Description:

A heart-wrenching breakup, an accident… a loss. 
Stretching out my right hand, I am reminded of the worst year of my life and all the dreams that faded in one awful weekend.
For six months I was numb.
And then I met a man.
An intense, complex, emotion extracting, sinful man.
If there's one thing I notice it’s the piercing gaze he is giving me.
So piercing because of Golden Eyes. 
But what my heart doesn’t know…is he here to save me or is he the one who needs saving?

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“There is a fire between us…and I know we’re gonna get burned.”

After reading Pure Abandon my heart broke for Asher, I absolutely adored him, but I guarantee that by the end of Reckless Abandon you will be going Kathryn who? Jeannine Colette manages to deliver a woman worthy of Asher and vice versa. These two were similar in so many ways, with shared interests in music and kids. Even though between these two they had lost so much, together they gained a lot and gave even more and as their story pans out over the pages you cannot help but be drawn into Emma and Asher’s story.

This book starts on the Island of Capri where Emma is on holiday with her sister. It should have been her sisters honeymoon but due to a family tragedy the wedding was postponed. As Emma was in dire need of a break her sister takes her away from it all and is determined to find that light in her sisters eyes once again.

“…do you want to be the girl who cries in her hands or do you want to be the girl who has fun?”

Emma has had the worst year in the history of years and because of this she has lost her direction and her vibrancy for life. Everything she had worked so hard for had been cruelly taken away and the emotional loss of a loved one has left an indelible mark on her heart and soul. She is truly at rock bottom and not even a trip to the glorious Island of Capri is going to change it, until she meets Asher.

Asher is also finding himself by hiding out from work and all the pressures and decisions he knows he needs to make. Asher takes to his boat where communication is spotty at best and he can be left to his own devices, thoughts, opinions and hopefully can find his own direction. As we know Asher has trust issues and he definitely doesn’t trust easily, but when a life and death scenario puts Emma and Asher’s paths together, finally he thinks he may want to try.

“I’m falling for a woman who seized my soul with the play of a piano and arrested my heart with a walk until dawn. And she made me fall for her with the words of lyrics we may not have written but they’re still ours.”

Capri though may not be their time, but when their paths cross once again back home, is this karmas way of telling Asher he was wrong the first time?

Emma was a beautiful character on the inside and out. Despite the tragedy that she is recovering from she was generous to a fault, fiercely independent and headstrong yet knew when to give and take. She had a heart of gold and a personality to match once you got past her walls, but once bitten twice shy…would Asher get a second bite?

“I’m a wreck. He ruined me. But by God he owns me.”

Jeannine Colette delivered a realistic romance where trust was hard to come by and easily broken. She delivers a heart-felt romance with a little insta-lust but makes them work hard second time around. With lovable characters that you just want to hug and make feel okay you can’t help but get whisked away in their love story and you will championing them along despite their mistakes. These two are incredibly suited and between the songs, the roses and them opening up and comparing stories and trying to write new ones you cannot help but be captivated and Jeannine Colette held my undivided attention throughout.

“Well, if that boy doesn’t light your fire, your wood is wet.”

I only found this author a few weeks ago and have now read all her books, she has now become a firm favourite and I cannot wait to see what she pens next. I love this authors writing style, her ability to totally submerse me into her stories and the emotion that she manages to evoke page by page. If like me, you crave character connection and emotional but well written stories then this author is definitely for you. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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