Monday 1 August 2016

Review ~ Subject X by Emma G Hunter

Book Description:

Recent Harvard graduate Charlotte Kane tends to be the most practical person in the room. A self-proclaimed nerd and former tomboy, Charlotte still isn't used to the world's reaction to her since she traded in her sweatpants and hoodies for skinny jeans and sundresses. And she's just begun to settle into her new job as a research assistant at a prestigious biotech powerhouse, Philadelphia's Genesis Life Systems, when Owen Becker walks into the subject waiting room.

Owen Becker is pure, distilled masculinity. He's also been the subject of a shadowy Genesis research study for twenty-seven years—a classified one now run solely by Charlotte's prickly and secretive boss. With just one glance at Charlotte Kane, Owen knows he has to have her. But he fears that the secret behind his study might be too much for the new researcher to understand—and far too dangerous for her or anyone else to know about.

When a chance accident on their second date reveals something unbelievable about Owen Becker, Charlotte's world is turned entirely upside-down. As she struggles to reconcile what she's learned about her irresistible new boyfriend with everything she knows to be true about science and the world she lives in, her lingering dislike of her new boss shifts into something more like suspicion. Determining that he's up to something dark—and that Owen is at the center of that something—Charlotte is forced to test the limits of what she's willing to do for love and lust.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“…You can’t lose a war if all your soldiers are invincible.”

For a debut author, Emma G Hunter has me really excited. I love reading newbies, that excitement of the unknown and finding a little gem in the process and Emma G Hunter really delivered. I didn’t know what to expect, the synopsis had me intrigued as did the title so with trepidation, I dived in.

The writing style was great and certainly didn’t read of a fledgling career, the authors voice was sure, succinct and delivered an intriguing story from start to finish. The character connection was fantastic, the bubbling underlying chemistry throughout was undeniable and both characters were hard not to love. For me, character connection is so important and many authors fail to nail it for me, so for a debut author to bring that to table is no mean feat, colour me impressed.

Charlotte Kane recently graduated Harvard and is now out in the work place spreading her scientific wings. Landing a job at the prestigious biotech powerhouse, Genesis Life Systems, Charlotte is keen to stamp her mark. Charlotte has a professional work ethic, she wanted to work hard, well and climb, she has great aspirations and can back it up. Genesis was the best foot hold she could have ever dreamed of and was not about to let this fantastic opportunity go to waste. Her direct manager though did not appear to share the same work ethic and it is not long before Charlotte begins to wonder and worry about the man that is supposed to be her mentor, she feels she has drawn the short straw.

Menial tasks are a given at the beginning of any job and when her latest one puts her in the path of Owen Becker, suddenly, things are looking up. Being the consummate professional that she is though, Charlotte has misgivings about the man that makes her pulse race and her panties wet. Fraternization with subjects in the trials is strictly prohibited, but as her mentor is the man in charge of Owen does that really count? Their attraction is palpable; their chemistry is off the charts but what is Owen Becker hiding? What trial is he a part of? Is he ill? Or is it something else entirely?

“…it’s the shameful secret that has isolated him for most of his life…”

Owen Becker was a lawyer and had been part of a trial at Genesis for over twenty years. Twenty years of monthly tests and yet he is still standing, fit and strong, just what was his secret? Owen oozed charm and charisma yet underneath was a man that was secretive and vulnerable. A man that had been on his own for a long time for fear of his secrets being unearthed and the ramifications thereafter. There was something about Charlotte though that even the stoic Owen Becker couldn’t resist, if anyone could understand him, surely it would be her? Could he take that risk? Could he make that jump?

“The only way you’ve hurt me is by leaving. You are not bad for me unless you are gone.”

I so want to talk about this story, the direction it took totally took me by surprise but to say would be a huge spoiler so I have to keep my lips firmly shut. I love being blindsided though and though at first I was a little sceptical I was soon firmly consumed by the story unfolding before me. For me this was more a romantic suspense type read, that air of mystery running throughout whether it be the secret surrounding Owen or the secrecy surrounding Charlotte’s mentor. I did think that this was a standalone but it is apparent after reading that this is a “to be continued,” at least I hope it is and I cannot wait for more from Emma G Hunter and Owen and Charlotte in particular.

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