Friday 7 October 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Sloan (The Protectors Series Book 9) by Teresa Gabelman

Book Description:

Not only does VC leader, Sloan Murphy, have to keep the peace between the human and vampire race, but he also wrangles VC Warriors in his spare time. It’s a job that could drive a saint insane, and Sloan is no saint, but insane he may be. While his Warriors find mates, he swears he will not follow in their footsteps. 

Becky Spencer, his new secretary who he reluctantly employs, is set to threaten every stoic promise he’s made. With an instant attraction that is hard to deny, she fits into his world with confident ease. 

Even though Becky has sworn off men after her nasty divorce, she can’t help the desire the sexy and serious Sloan Murphy stirs in her. It isn’t until she sees how devoted he is to his job and the Warriors under his command, that her lusty feelings turn into more. Working in close quarters, they both fight the pull that grows with each passing minute. 

Who will win, the secretary, the Warrior, or an attraction that just won’t go away?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This is another one of my favourite series, I have followed it from the very beginning, watching it grow into the superb series it is.

These very sexy vampire warriors show bravery day in day out and then there is their passionate side…phew, especially when they meet their mates. Look out for the growls and testosterone that abounds if any man should be so brave to even look sideways at their women.

This book is about the V.C. leader, Sloan. I have been looking forward to this book with great anticipation and it definitely doesn't disappoint. Sloan that handsome, enigmatic and oh so intimidating vampire has finally met a woman who has got under his skin in a big way, bringing out that passionate side that you knew was bubbling under all that sternness he portrays to everyone.

Becky his new secretary, who he insisted to his warriors he didn't need and was against hiring is a breath of fresh air. She is beautiful, chirpy but has a habit of speaking out without thinking which can be quite humorous, especially the way she talks to Sloan. I don't think anyone has talked to Sloan quite like it.

Their blossoming relationship makes for great reading as with everything in the V.C. world nothing goes smooth and danger is always present, but amongst all this turmoil Sloan and Becky draw closer together when a very special night happens.

"I think I've been waiting for you my whole life." She said the words she felt in the heart, consequences be damned. If he rejected her, it would break her, but at least he knew what she felt in that moment.

but somehow I don't think Becky had anything to worry about.

But not only is this book about Sloan and Becky it is also about Katrina, the half-breed who Blaze had turned and had been accepted into the V.C. Warrior programme as a new trainee. Her story is poignant and you really feel for this young woman. Katrina's life has not been easy and hoping things would change. Now being a full vampire and a trainee with the Warriors has not turned out exactly how she had hoped, but with that very sexy Blaze watching and doing his best to protect her I think things just might get interesting. I can see a story in the making between these two and I am sure it will be a very good read too.

This is a really great book and I loved reading about the other side of Sloan. I knew he had it in him. Wow. I could not put this book down and I am sure that no reader will be disappointed at all.

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